Mayor Wilson Requests Community Input into Hiring of New City Manager

Denise Bell
Post Managing Editor

Briefly addressing the members of the Chamber of Commerce, Forney Mayor Rick Wilson provided an update on the city councils’ search for a new city manager.

A longtime member of the business organization, Mayor Rick Wilson spoke at Thursday’s monthly membership luncheon about the importance of hiring the right city manager and the councils’ desire to obtain the input of the business community as they review applicants for the position.



Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton yesterday released the following statement regarding a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court leaving the state’s Voter ID law in effect:

“Texas enacted a common-sense law to provide simple protections to the integrity of our elections and the democratic process in our state,” said Attorney General Ken Paxton. “We appreciate the Supreme Court allowing the law to remain in effect at this time and look forward to defending the merits...

      Forney Council Holds In God We Trust Decal Ceremony

Denise Bell
Post Managing Editor

Getting it absolutely right, on Tuesday morning the Forney City Council held a decal ceremony to officially observe the first few “In God We Trust” decals being affixed to several police and fire vehicles.

Last month Council Member Scott Regan spearheaded the initiative to have the “In God We Trust” decals put on all city vehicles and the outpouring of support by residents has been overwhelmingly in favor of the display of both the community’s Christian values and their support of the city’s police...

 Discovery of Explicit Texting Actually Led to Brooks Resignation

Denise Bell
Post Managing Editor

When there is no other choice. When time is important and transparency is not forthcoming, the only option left is to tell the voters the undiluted truth.

In early January 2016 while former City Manager Brian Brooks was under employee evaluation, Mayor Rick Wilson confiscated Brooks’ taxpayer provided cell phone.

  Challenging Council Candidates Byers and Safford Hold Fox Hollow Meet and Greet

Denise Bell
Post Managing Editor

On Saturday, Forney City Council Candidate’s Amy Byers and Mark Safford held a Meet and Greet Reception at the Fox Hollow Amenity Center to speak about several issues currently facing the citizens of Forney.

Seeking election to the Place 3 council position, candidate Amy Byers is a resident of Fox Hollow and a member of the Fox Hollow Homeowner Association. Arranging the Saturday afternoon public meeting, Byers was joined by Place 5 council candidate Mark Safford and by Forney Mayor, Rick Wilson.


On Mother’s Day we celebrate everything a mother does for her children. Mothers change their children’s diapers, fed them, teach them to walk, take them to school, protect them and so much more.

Sadly, not all children are so lucky to have a mother, or a mother figure, who can and will do these things for them.

When a child is placed in the state’s care because of evidence of abuse and neglect, a judge can appoint a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) to speak up for a child’s best interest by learning everything about the child’s situation.


Recovery officials are cautioning Texans who have received disaster assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to use the funds for their intended purpose and to keep disaster spending receipts for three years.

Disaster assistance is to help residents meet basic disaster-related needs and funds are distributed via check or direct deposit. A letter explaining what the payment is to be used for arrives within a day or two of the check or direct deposit payment.

Mayor Wilson Openly Endorses Council Candidates McGee Byers and Safford

Denise Bell
Post Managing Editor

If you are one of the 612 voters who elected Forney Mayor Rick Wilson, just as I am, do not miss that he is speaking directly to the voters through the U.S. Mail in open endorsement of Incumbent, Place 1 Council Candidate Cory McGee, Place 3 Candidate Amy Byers and Place 5 Candidate Mark Safford.

Reaching the end of his first term in office, Wilson is finally reporting significant process made at City Hall through to issuance of “A personal message form Rick Wilson Mayor of Forney”.

 Pastor of St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Forney Passes Unexpectedly

Denise Bell
Post Managing Editor

On Tuesday afternoon, the Catholic Diocese of Dallas announced the unexpected death of Monsignor Glenn "Duffy" Gardner, Pastor of St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Forney.

The statement read "It is our sad duty to inform you of the unexpected death this afternoon of Monsignor Glenn “Duffy” Gardner, Pastor of St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Forney. Monsignor suffered breathing difficulties earlier today and was admitted to Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Kaufm...

     Voter Trust Is Essential

Denise Bell
Post Managing Editor

Where do the voters rights begin and end when they have no other choice but to lay their trust in their elected officials, and the employees who these officials are responsible for supervising?

Trust is essential and the voters of Forney have the right to understand how their municipal government is managed by those they have placed their trust in. The citizens have the right to expect that their elected officials will not lie to them, manipulate them or use the power of their city hall...

Denise Unedited

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