Crime Stopper Tip Aids Kaufman Police with Cold Case

On June 9, 1994 at approximately 10:17 pm Francisco Sanchez Salazar, a 25 year old Hispanic man, was shot approximately 14 times at the City Coin Laundry in Kaufman.

Salazar was pronounced deceased at Presbyterian Hospital of Kaufman. Witnesses saw a Hispanic male running from the scene with a handgun. Kaufman Police Investigators were able to identify the gunman as 23 year old Alvaro Iglesias Rodriquez.

Rodriguez crossed the border into Mexico 2 days later and has not been seen again, until yesterday September 28, 2016.

When Kaufman County recently started publishing its “Top 10 Most Wanted” list in the newspaper I, Captain Ed Black, decided to dig out the file on the 22 year old murder and put our suspect out there and see if we received any tips. A few weeks after posting Rodriquez’ photo we received a Crime Stoppers tip stating that Rodriguez was living in Wichita, Kansas under the name Mauricio San Miguel Reyes.

Kaufman Police Investigators began digging into the cold case trying to find a way to verify or disqualify “Reyes” as our suspect. Through many hours of work, and several sleepless nights, Detective Sergeant Tommy Black, along with assistance from KSO Deputy Robert McGee, was able to locate a single arrest file for Disorderly Conduct in the Kaufman County Sheriff Department archived files for the suspect. Inside the file was a fingerprint card.

Over the course of several days Kaufman Police Detectives worked with Investigators at the Wichita, Kansas Police Department. Their assistance was invaluable. They discovered an arrest file of “Reyes” from several years ago. The fingerprints were a match!

I then sent Detective Black and Detective Jason Stastny to Wichita, Kansas to work alongside their Officers to apprehend Salazar. He was taken into custody without incident at approximately 6 p.m. by the Wichita Police Department Tactical Team. He declined to speak with Investigators.

Kaufman Police Department Investigators then met with Rodriguez’ family to explain to them why he was arrested. The family revealed that they knew what he had done 22 years ago in Kaufman and provided our Detectives with details that Rodriquez had confessed to them.

The family informed us that he had fled to Mexico after the shooting and remained there for about 3 years before coming back into the United States and settling in Kansas where he has been ever since.

It is unknown at this time if Rodriguez will fight extradition back to Kaufman, however, we are confident that the process to get him back here to face the citizens of Kaufman, will not be a lengthy one.

One thing that worked in our favor is that the Lead Investigator of the case, Thomas Bohn, who had left the department, returned to the Kaufman Police Department in January 2014 and works with us today. His input regarding the original crime scene and investigation was very valuable.

The many hours of work on this case by all of our Investigators, especially Lead Investigator Sgt. Tommy Black, should make our community proud. This is proof once again that the Crime Stoppers program works. Without that tip, this fugitive probably would have never been captured.

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