Fair Park Children’s Aquarium Offers Really Cool Hands-on Educational Experience

Many State Fair of Texas visitors will enjoy the unusual foods and the over-the-top amusement games and rides located on the Super Midway, however anyone seeking out a really cool educational experience should take the time to visit the Dallas Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park.

Located adjacent to the new Children’s Boardwalk, the Dallas Children’s Aquarium has undergone a revitalizing makeover within the past few years that has expertly incorporated several hands-on educational experiences including a large pool that contains dozens of Cownose Stingrays accompanied by a beautiful live Mermaid.


Forney Police Chief Updates Council on FPD Vacancies

On Tuesday evening Forney Police Chief Rob Sherwin gave a very brief update on the number of positions currently available with the Forney Police Department, and announced the upcoming retirement of longtime FPD Captain Thad Wilson.

Standing in the rear of the room, Police Chief Sherwin stated “Right now we have three on-the-books vacant positions in patrol.

Two vacancies in dispatch, and we will have four when the Captains’ position comes open. He is retiring.”

Explaining Chief Sherwin said “When he comes off the books we will have four vacancies, and then we have an additional position coming in. But like I said, we’re just doing everything we can to get the right people.”





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