Forney Voter's Will Have Candidate Choices in the May Council Election

Sure to be a hotly outspoken political race, the five o'clock deadline to submit an application for the City Council election has passed and area voters will be excited to hear that three highly respected Forney resident's have filed candidate applications.

The voters should be thrilled to discover incumbent Council Member's Shaun Myers, Kevin Moon and David Johnson and Mayor Rick Wilson will all be challenged for their council seats.


Forney SWAT Formalizes Memo of Understanding with Terrell SWAT

During Tuesday evenings Forney City Council meeting, Forney Police Lt. John Abernathy requested City Council approval on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Forney and Terrell Police during tactical police operations (SWAT).

Lt. Agbernathy said “Thank you for letting me speak about an exciting partnership between the Forney SWAT team and the Terrell SWAT team. For several years now we’ve had an informal agreement regarding tactical operations and we’re now just formalizing that agreement.

This MOU is going to formalize several areas; command responsibility, use of force situations and how to handle those, liability, procedures and training and costs.”

Explaining Lt. Abernathy stated “This MOU is going to build a relationship between the Forney and Terrell Police Departments. It allows us to share equipment and resources. And along with sharing equipment and resources, it allows us to share man power. Right now the Forney SWAT team has eight members and the Terrell SWAT team has a total of 12. So this is going to make our combined team have a total of 20 members which is necessary in these situations.”

After very few clarifying questions, the Forney City Council voted unanimously to approve the Memorandum of Understanding for tactical police operations between the Forney Police Department and the Terrell Police Department effective immediately.




Written by: Denise Bell

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