Penn Proclaims the Council Needs to be Good Stewards of the Taxpayers Money

Apparently unable to remember the numerous times she has voted to waste taxpayer funds, at the last meeting of the Forney City Council, Council Member Mary Penn repeatedly claimed that the Council needs to be “good stewards” of the taxpayers’ money.

While discussing yet another managerial roadway design error, Council Member Mary Penn conveniently tried to blame several city employees for a project error that will now cost $115,000.00 to completely correct.

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Forney City Council Puts the Cart Before the Horse…Again

Last week the Forney City Council showed their ignorance by following the lead of City Council Member’s Shaun Myers and Mary Penn when they once again “put the cart before the horse” by voting to hire an Interim City Manager who has not been pre-screened through a background investigation.

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Gooden Admonishes Mesquite Council for Disrespecting Citizens

On Monday evening the property owners along the I-20 corridor again stood united in their opposition to the unrealistic annexation plans currently being proposed by the Mesquite City Council, and this meeting kicked off with a bang as State Representative Lance Gooden admonished the council for disrespecting the citizens opposing their plans.

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