Forney Council Recognizes Student Achievement

On Tuesday night the City Council presented an official Certificate of Recognition to Forney resident, Kaden Kinnart, who was recently accepted into the United States Academy at West Point.

After reading the official proclamation of recognition, Mayor Pro-tem Ray Stephens said “I used to be an OCS Cadet Instructor for a while and I can tell you, it takes a lot to be an officer in our military, no matter what service you serve.

But I tell you, it’s really difficult to be accepted into one of our service academies. So that must say a lot about this young kid, not only him but his parents."

Stephens said "You know, it’s not just him but somebody is grooming him and helping him along in life. And I tell you, I look forward to seeing you come back in a few years as a young second lieutenant and visiting the Council and showing us what you became.”


Watch as the Forney City Council recognizes Kaden Kinnart for his acceptance into the United States Academy at West Point.

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