Redbud Street Construction Project is Enormous

Last week the City of Forney held the first public meeting necessary to move forward with the Redbud Street reconstruction project and several families living on Redbud Street were shocked with the enormity of the proposed plans.

Proposed to be completed in six separate phases, residents living on Redbud Street and its surrounding streets need pay close attention to the project plans 

being proposed by CRIADO & Associates the engineers contracted to develop plans for the reconstruction of several dilapidated streets located in some of Forney’s oldest neighborhoods.

Several engineers from CRIADO were assisted by Forney Interim Public Works Director Ron Silverman in detailing the large project which is expected to cost at minimum $3.2 million dollars and take at least eighteen months to complete only Phase I.

The citizens attending this meeting were concerned to hear that intermittently during the eighteen month construction of Phase I, residents living between Redbud and Heritage Hill Lane will have no sidewalk in front of their homes, no access to their drive-ways and only off-site street parking. School bus loading and postal delivery will also be off-site and many trees will be permanently removed.

Detailing the project CRIADO Engineer James Pruitt stated "As far as alignment, it’s a pretty simple project we’re not making any changes in the alignment. We are adding some sub-surface storm drainage to the project to help clean up some of the water issues out there.”

Describing construction, Pruitt said “We will also be redoing the water lines, domestic and waste water in the neighborhood for the entire stretch, removing just about everything on that roadway so there is going to be a lot going on. We’ll be bringing in some pretty big box culverts to help with all the water issues.”

He stated “As far as the construction, it’s proposed in six phases. We are going to try and minimize the disturbance as much as possible. Anytime you come into a neighborhood to reconstruct a street there is going to be some disturbance and we’d like to minimize that disturbance, that’s why we had this meeting tonight. There are some things we can try to do to minimize the construction effects but it is going to be dusty and loud sometimes, it is going to be a construction project.”

When several citizens voiced their concerns regarding their inability to access their driveways during construction, Pruitt responded, “Right now what we propose is to close it down block by block and there will be some off-site parking and there will be some time when you will probably have to walk a little ways. So maybe we can work with the contractor to provide something, it just depends on what all they have going on in the street at that time.

He said "If they have a real deep hole dug for a big box culvert, well our number one priority is safety on the job site, safety for you all and safety for the contractor. We want to ensure that you're getting from your car to your house safely. So we’re going to make sure that there are barriers put up and there is a traversable route so that you don’t have to be walking over construction debris. So we’re going to make it as simple as possible for you to get to your car and to your house.”


A few years ago the City Council did a study which ranked the “Top 10 Worst Streets in Forney”.

The number one worst street was Trinity Street located adjacent to downtown Forney. Trinity Street is currently experiencing major roadway construction and the below photographs depict what the homeowners are currently enduring.


Redbud Street was ranked #2 on the list of worst streets and Carl C. Senter was ranked #3. Many, many of the residents living on Redbud, Carl C. Senter and York Street have for years requested the city repair the pot-holed streets in front of their homes.

At this point in time the City Council has only contracted CRIADO & Associates to provide design and engineering plans on Redbud Street and already the project is over budget by approximately a million dollars.

Because the council has not yet approved the Redbud Street project, homeowners living in this area are encouraged to weigh the pros and cons associated with this project and then voice their thoughts, concerns and opinions directly to the Forney City Council.


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