Forney EDC Board Approves Lucrative Incentive Package for Eno’s Pizza

On Thursday night the Forney Economic Development Board of Directors unanimously approved the leasing of the EDC owned 215 South Bois d’Arc building to Eno’s Pizza and Tavern.

Established in Oak Cliff in 2008, the pizza taverns original location has become the gem of the Bishop Arts District in Dallas, and now co-owners Shane Spillers and his mom Donna Spillers would like to open a second location in Forney’s original fire house which is located directly across from Bell Park in historic downtown Forney.

During this meeting the EDC Board of Directors approved a lucrative five year lease agreement and incentive package to assist Eno’s Pizza owners in finishing out the EDC owned property.

Addressing Board Members’ after an agreement had been reached, Eno’s co-owner Shane Spillers said “Thank you for having us here tonight. This is a real privilege for us because we have actually been looking at this location for quite some time. We are excited about partnering with us guys in this project, and partnering with the community in this project.”

Spiller said “We think this is a great opportunity to expand from what we’ve currently done in the Bishop Arts District, and do that here in Forney. We have a couple of challenges. I’ve already mentioned construction, that could take time and capital and you guys are helping out tremendously with that. But the other challenge we have is the distance waiver we need for our alcohol beverage permit.”

Explaining Spiller stated “Eno’s Pizza Tavern as it currently stands today in the Bishop Arts District offers beer and wine, distilled spirits and certain mixed beverages, and we want to offer that same thing here. And we understand that we have to get a distance waiver in order to achieve that purpose and to offer that to our patrons. So, that is I believe a condition of this deal so we plan to submit the application for that tomorrow.”

In closing Shane Spiller said “We do feel like this is a win for everybody. We feel like it’s a win for the community. We feel like it’s a win for the city in terms of the tax revenue generated and we’re super excited about the opportunity.”

Detailing the incentive package during a lengthy motion, EDC Director Warren Ketterman stated “The Forney Economic Development Board would like to put forth an incentive package for Eno’s Pizza Tavern to locate at 215 Bois d’Arc, and in doing so we would offer a five year lease with the terms Year One $3,500.00, Year Two $ $3,650.00, Year Three $3,800.00, Year Four $3,950.00 and Year Four $4,100.00.”



Ketteman said “We will also offer them one, five year renewal option after the first five years have gone by and that renewal option would show an increase of $150.00 per month on each one of those years. In addition, the Forney EDC will provide a $100,000. incentive and this would be a reimbursable amount, such as Eno’s would incur a $100,000 in moving expenses and provide us with the necessary receipts and invoices and we’ve reimburse that $100,000. And that would be in any increment, in order words they would not have to incur the whole $100,000 for us to reimburse them. If they incurred $25,000, showed us $25,000 in receipts we’d reimburse them up to $100,000.”

Director Ketteman said, “Eno’s will also be provided a no interest loan from the EDC for $120,000 and this would require a separate legal agreement to be drawn up. And these monies will be repaid be them over the course of their first five year lease agreement. And thank you to Mr. Burris for helping to craft that. Year one, we would add $1,000.00 to their monthly rent, year two $1,500, year three $2,000, year four $2,500 and year five $3,000. This would achieve our repayment of the $100,000 loan.”

All legal agreements and incentive packages approved by the Forney Economic Development Board of Directors must be further approved by the Forney City Council. It is expected that the City Council will consider the Eno’s economic incentive package at their next meeting on February 21, 2017.



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