Stephens Exposes Council Members Political Motivation

For several weeks now the citizens of Forney have been escalating their collective voices regarding their displeasure with several city council members, and on Thursday night former Mayor Pro-tem Ray Stephens very openly and honestly spoke about the political motivation behind the actions of the “Grooms Quartet.”

Addressing the council before a room packed with concerned citizens, Ray Stephens said “We as a council gave our word to Markout that we’d do this. They planned on it and now we've backed out for no reason.

There is no absolute reason that we backed out, you know it and I know it.”

Stephens said “It’s purely political and we all know that. Let’s be leaders tonight. Let’s maintain the maintenance agreement until a feasibility study is done and look at all our options. Because there might be something that benefits all the water districts out there, because I’m here to tell you now, your water rates are going up soon, for everybody.”

Council Member’s Mary Penn, Kevin Moon, Robbie Powers and Shaun Myers have publicly refused to explain their reasons for voting to cancel the Markout Water Supply Maintenance Agreement, and they remained mute as they were admonished by their former colleague.

Witnessing the offensive attitude of superiority projected by Penn, Moon, Powers and Myers were several prominent citizens and business leaders who have been attending these meetings to educate themselves first-hand on Forney’s water rate issues.

The entire community, not just Grayhawk and Markout, will be drastically impacted by the loss of almost 60% of the income Forney receives from these water districts, should these council member’s succeed in eliminating contractual wholesale water services.

Education and documented data are required in order for the council to evaluate the vulnerability of the city's projected income, and so far Council Member’s Penn, Moon, Powers and Myers have refused to agree to conducting a feasibility study on the rates and services of these water districts.


Written by: Denise Bell




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