Forney Taxpayers Set Up to Pay for High Point Water Infrastructure

Forney Mayor Rick Wilson recently addressed the community about the water district issues currently plaguing Forney taxpayers.

On Thursday night before a large group of citizens, Mayor Rick Wilson stated “These water districts have tried to divert some of their infrastructure costs through our TIRZ

(Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone) agreement, so we received a copy of the reimbursements that the Hunts, for the Gateway Project, are trying to collect through our taxes."

Placing his hand upon a large black binder, Mayor Wilson said “There is $1.5 million dollars for water infrastructure that’s been diverted to High Point Water district. So you are paying $1.5 million dollars, if we reimburse that money for High Point which is outside the city limits. So there is a whole lot going on here that we need to get to the bottom of and these council members are not wanting to openly talk.”

Wilson said “I can tell you that as the mayor I was approached by one of the CCN’s and told that they were going to bankrupt the City of Forney and I think they know who they are, sitting out here.”

Seated in the front row with High Point Water District Treasurer Samantha Keats and resident John Carr, Linda Stewart became upset that Mayor Wilson had referenced her; although not by name.

A few minutes later, Stewart stepped to the podium to address the council on behalf of High Point Water Supply Corporation. After stating her name and giving the address for HPWS, she said “There was some very untruths told tonight on behalf of High Point Water and it was not true. Thank you.”

Stewart then waited and upon the council adjourning in order to hold an Executive Session, angrily confronted Mayor Wilson within the vestibule of city hall about his statement.


The statements made by Mayor Wilson can be collaborated by the attached public documents.

The documents published below were pulled directly from within the Forney TRIZ Reimbursement Support, Part 1 of 2 audit book which was supplied to the City of Forney by developers, Hunt Land Holdings, LP, the developers of the Gateway Bridge and residential project.

In December 2016 the Forney Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) Board held a meeting at the Forney Justice Center, in which Hunt Land Holdings representatives, Herbert Hunt and Alan Bain, presented an update of the Gateway Bridge project.

Forney TIF Board Requests Audit of Petro-Hunt Gateway Project” published on December 12, 2016 reveals that the TRIZ Board requested a full audit of all expenditures claimed by the Hunts after the land developers announced that they have already accumulated $28.4 million dollars in qualified reimbursement expenses.

The TRIZ audit reveals to the citizens of Forney several things:

#1 The TRIZ Reimbursement Summary list four categories of expenditures, with the final category listed as “Water & Sewer – North Side. According to city attorney Jon Thatcher, water and sewer infrastructure is not a reimbursable expense allowed within the TRIZ agreement.

This legality was what spurred TRIZ Board members to call for an audit of all expenditures.







#2 Taxpayers are invited to review the attached document entitled “Water & Sewer Reimbursement North Side” which is an invoice list submitted by Hunt developers.

Notice that the developer has listed an October 28, 2016 reimbursement invoice for $400,188.00 for Forney Pump Station #2 and that the vendor is listed as High Point Water Supply.







#3 High Point Water Supply Corporation and Meadow Ridge Farms, LP, a subsidiary of Hunt Land Holdings, LP entered into a “Phase Two Water Capacity Reservation and Pro Rata Share of Utility Construction Expenses Escrow Agreement” on October 26, 2016. 

Page 2 of this escrow agreement very clearly states “In consideration of High Point’s agreement to reserve treated water capacity in Phase 2 of the Pump Station Project sufficient to include a pro rata portion of the Projected Demand, Owner will pay High Point, within ten (10) days of execution of this Agreement, $400,188.00 as a deposit against Owners pro rata share of the costs and expenses anticipated to be incurred in connection with construction of Phase 2 of the Pump Station Project.” 



Written by: Denise Bell 




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