Citizens Prepare to Recall Council Members Penn & Powers

After a month of meetings in which the citizens of Forney discovered that their city’s financial stability could be drastically affected by the loss of its wholesale water sales; hundreds of citizens are collectively preparing to recall from office, Place 5 Council Member Mary Penn and Place 2 Council Member Robbie Powers.

The future of Forney is not at the mercy of four arrogant, disrespectful council members and the Forney City Charter very clearly spells out the exact steps the citizens would need to take to initiate the removal from office of these council members.

According to City Charter Article VI Section 6.13 Limitations and Restrictions, newly elected Council Member's Kevin Moon and Shaun Myers are not eligible to be recalled from office by the citizens for six months from the time of their election.

However, long time Council Member’s Mary Penn and Robbie Powers are both veteran council members who may be held accountable by the voters of Forney. 

Article VI Sec. 6.01(3) General Authority of the City Charter clearly states that “the qualified voters of the city shall have the power to remove any official serving in an elected office”.

The Charter describes how a Petitioners Committee of “any ten qualified voters may commence proceedings contemplated by this article by filing with the city secretary an affidavit stating that they will constitute the Petitioners Committee.”



In the case of a recall of an elected official, the city secretary has five days to notify in writing the official to be removed that a petition has been filed, and then a strict process must be followed regarding the petitions description, circulation, certification and ultimate presentation to the council.

Section 6.05(2) Presentations of Petitions explains that the recall petition must contain the “signatures of qualified voters not less than equal in number to 20% of the registered voters of the City of Forney who voted in the last general municipal election, OR two hundred, whichever is greater”.

And lastly, in Article VI Section 6.14 Failure of the City Council to Call an Election, the city charter states that in a case where all the requirements of the charter have been met and the city council refuses to receive a recall petition, or order a recall election, then a District Judge may discharge the official of their duty.


The voters of Forney never conceded their power to elect or recall the public officials who represent them.

The voters have the right to demand that their elected officials remain above legal reproach, represent them in an open and honest manner and uphold their sworn Oath of Office.

Voters are invited to view the below video tapes; the first tape is of Council Member Mary Penn being sworn into her fourth term in office by Kaufman County Judge Casey Blair, and the second is of Council Member Robbie Power taking the same Oath of Office while being sworn in for her sixth term in office.

Written by: Denise Bell




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