City Manager Discusses Water Issues Facing Forney

City Manager James Fisher recently elaborated on the water issues facing Forney while discussing the budgetary needs of the Water and Sewer Department.

While detailing the departments’ expenditure requests, Fisher said “There are sewer cameras at $130,000.00. Transportation and safety stuff for our guys for $9,500.00,

a vacuum combination truck that cost about $260,000, those are those big trucks that clean the lines and make sure their safe and make sure our system is doing well.

And then there is a backhoe that cost about $107,000 and $10,000 in the Capital Improvements budget for a pump to help us do some things.”

Next using a pie chart slide to explain water purchases, Fisher said “We get 48% from the water districts, Industrial is 16% and that’s Smura Kappa and Lumina. Then 9% is non-residential commercial, 26% is residential and the government is 1%.”

Hundreds of Forney homeowners recently became concerned when it was revealed that the city stands to lose as much as 60% of its wholesale water sales income, and that this shift in water sales will result in a substantial increase in water rates for all Forney homeowners.

According to City Manager Fisher, all monies derived from the sale of wholesale is deposited into Utility Fund Account Number 40247 - Water District Water Sales.

Substantiating operational transparency, City Manager James Fisher supplied the below figures which are the exact amounts collected from the purchase of water to the water districts of High Point, Talty and Markout, for past three years.


                                       2014                      2015                     2016


High Point                 $408,063.96          $481,131.16          $603,007.69


Talty                         $1,149,564.60       $1,266,365.28       $1,406,758.32


Markout                     $325,630.54          $358,935.60          $398,497.20


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