Myers Developer Contributions Total More than $35,000

As expected, it has now been confirmed that Forney Council Member Shaun Myers accepted a grand total of $35,271.79 in political contributions from developers in order to finance his campaign to become a Forney city council member.

In June 2017, it was reported to the voters of Forney that newly elected Council Member Shaun Myers had accepted $20,110.64 in political contributions during his campaign, and that it was expected that additional contributions would be reported within Myers final campaign finance report.

According to Myers July 17, 2017 Campaign Finance Report, on May 5, 2017 the day before the General Election, he accepted a $10,000 contribution from Denton, Texas developer Ray Roberts, along with two additional in-kind donations from Dallas developers Ron Akins ($2,831.26) and Robert Neil Crouch ($2,329.89).

The voters who elected Myers, none of whom provided him with any campaign contributions, do not seem concerned with Myers developer friends.

And the lengthy and time consuming reporting process required by the Texas Ethics Commission to force Shaun Myers into transparency regarding these questionable contributions, is not the responsibility of The Forney Post.

Voters wanting to question Council Member Shaun Myers regarding his many developer contributions may email him at or call him at 489-863-2920.

Myers Final Campaign Finance Report

How Much Does It Cost to Buy A City Council Member?


Written by: Denise Bell

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