Council Fires City Manager & Will Now Pay Him Almost $200K Severance

Without providing public notice or reason, the Forney City Council has terminated the employment contract of City Manager James Fisher.

Following a two hour closed session, upon the council reconvened into open session, Council Member Mary Penn said "Mr. Mayor, I'd like to make a motion hat we authorize the city attorney to draw up papers to terminate our agreement with the city manager."

Penn’s motion was immediately seconded by Place 2 Council Member Shaun Myers.

Council Member’s Robbie Powers and Kevin Moon voted their agreement to the removal of the City Manager, who had only been in the position since August 29, 2016.

James Fisher’s employment contract with the City of Forney was procured by The Forney Post on November 2, 2016, shortly after he was hired by the council. 



James Fisher Employment Contract


Read Sections 3 and 7 of the employment contract closely to see that the taxpayers of Forney will now pay an estimated $200,000 is salary and benefits over the next year to James Fisher.

As the below tape will attest, there was no public discussion on why council member's Penn, Myers, Powers and Moon chose to terminate Fisher.

The council did not publicly comment on Fisher's employment contract, however it has been confirmed that Penn and Myers chose to pay Fisher severance pay in order to terminate him immediately. 

The Council did not appoint an Interim City Manager, although Assistant City Manager Wendle Medford and City Attorney Jon Thatcher were both present as the council took action.

The citizens of Forney are provided the below tape so that they may clearly witness the actions of the Forney City Council, and so that they may see exactly who is still in attendance at 11:47 pm to witness their actions.

Respectfully, James Fisher remained silent and professional throughout these proceedings. 




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