The Implosion of Forney’s City Government is At-Hand

The implosion of Forney’s municipal government is finally at hand.

Four City Council Member’s, Mary Penn, Shaun Myers, Kevin Moon and Robbie Powers are currently overthrowing the managerial administration of the City of Forney.

And although it’s legally difficult for me to do so, I will try to explain the horrendous and unprofessional actions currently underway by these elected officials.

It is imperative that the residents of Forney come to City Hall on Monday, September 11, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. for a Special Meeting of their City Council.

Please do not believe the continuous social media hype about the reasons the Forney City Council is falling apart. This is not some kind of old-grudge, political fight between Mayor Rick Wilson and former mayor Darrell Grooms. That’s ridiculous, old-timer, bunk. It’s what they’d like you to believe; and it’s simply not true.


This is about four council members who have flat-out, sold-out to several land developers.

One large Texas based land developer in particular is livid that Mayor Rick Wilson is speaking out to the citizens about what he and city manager James Fisher discovered about the “deals” these council members have made over the past seven to ten years.

Former mayor Darrell Grooms and council members Mary Penn and Robbie Powers have obligated the city to a huge deal that the city will not be able to financially recuperate from should the council approve the “reimbursements” which were assured this land developer.

Shaun Myers was bought and paid for by several developers. Darrell Grooms helped Myers in getting elected and in return Myers and Penn are going to fire the upper management staff BEFORE this deal gets too public.

Forney residents are highly advised to view the video tapes at to view Mayor Rick Wilson explaining to the community about how the citizens were deceived by former mayor Grooms and Petro Hunt developers on the Gateway project.

Viewers will notice that former City Manager James Fisher is seated and conversing with the citizens at this meeting. His presence at this meeting was apparently the last straw with these council members.

A professionally trained city manager, Fisher simply supported Mayor Wilson as he openly told the truth to a group of Forney residents, and it was this type of transparency that cost him his job.

The proposed 2018 Fiscal Year Operating Budget was not over budget. Check it out instead of blindly believing the same old Facebook trolls who spout unsubstainiated rhethoric on behalf of these council members.

The Post has reported on the budget process every year since its inception, so I encourage the citizens to demand answers from Mary Penn and Robbie Powers about the specific reason they provided Fisher upon his termination.

Match Fishers proposed budget to any of the budgets ever presented by former city manager Brian Brooks. Fisher actually put several funds in the departmental categories where they always should have been listed.  

A Special Meeting of the City Council has been called to consider the appointment of an Interim City Manager.

Police Chief Rob Sherwin and Assistant City Manager Wendle Medford are regular salaried employees, however attorney Jon Thatcher has an employment contract. Without doubt additional taxpayer funds will be expended to remove these employees and to purchase their silence, if possible.

Please remember that these are the same council members who without explanation terminated the Markout Water contract. They didn’t speak openly then and under the influence of several land developers, they are not likely to speak truthfully with the public now.

The citizens of Forney need to pour fourth into their City Hall on Monday night. Demand answers from council member’s Mary Penn and Robbie Powers, specifically.

The Operational Budget, and the disgruntled employees of the Forney Police Department ARE NOT the primary reasons why James Fisher was released from his employment contract with the City of Forney.

Come forth and ask Council Member Mary Penn if they terminated Fisher on the grounds that he spoke "condescendingly" to council member Penn. 




Written by: Denise Bell



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