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A Post Editorial

Nothing would make me happier than to be able to report to the community in which I belong, that all is well in our house. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

It concerns me greatly to have to explain to the readers of The Forney Post, blatantly and with the utmost honesty that I’ve spent years reporting on the activities of the City of Forney, therefore it’s for this reason that no matter what consequence “the boys” have in store for me this time, they stand absolutely no chance of obtaining my silence to this community.

The Forney Post, LLC has published thousands of beautiful articles on the real Forney; our schools, our parades, our businesses and the non-profit organizations and churches that sustain our reputation as a wonderful place to raise a family.

And admittedly, The Post has also written dozens upon dozens of articles on the legally questionable standards and activities of the Forney City Council. I speak loud and proud of the news entity I built, and find no shame in professing the truth to those who regularly read my words.

Never once in all these years has The Post been sued, or even threatened with legal action for the factually based news it reports. And believe me when I say that if former city manager Brooks or former attorneys’ Brown & Hoffmeister could have legally obtained my silence, they would have.

Therefore, I will never fold to pressure imposed by the thugs currently attempting to gain control of city hall through the actions of council members Penn and Myers. Do your worst. I’m locked and loaded with the truth and fully prepared to cloak myself within the rights provided me by the First Amendment.

By all means Mike Thomas, please “fact check” the below attached letter which I sent as notification of discrimination to all council member’s and upper management last week just hours before the councils meeting.

I’ve countless times, in writing, notified the administration of the City of Forney that they are discriminating against my business and the other media outlets that provide news of their activities to the citizens of our community.

As a room full of witnesses will attest, I was fully prepared to read this letter publicly at the September 5, 2017 council meeting.

I turned in the required speaking request form in order to provide the council with my opinion of Action Item #3, however during the first meeting break I was informed by Mayor Rick Wilson that the council had chosen to discuss the item in Executive Session.


So, BBQ man be very careful with any attempt to lie or again deceive this community about my intentions. I am not the one attempting to control or acquire The Forney Messenger in order to control the information provided its readers.

Council members’ who are aware of previous reports that accuse the Council, and or former city manager Brian Brooks, of discrimination include Mayor Rick Wilson and council member’s Mary Penn and former council member’s Ray Stephens and Scott Regan.

Read my words within the attached letter carefully; I have true respect for the generous spirits of Judy and Cary Griffin. This letter is not about them. It’s about the latest discriminatory action by the Council, and more specifically by Council Member’s Mary Penn and Shaun Myers.

Hear me clearly “big dog” Darrell Grooms and Mike Thomas, the owner of Fact Check; as I declare that I have absolutely nothing to hide from the readers of The Post, the community, my family or the Lord.

The Post has already reported to authorities the discriminatory practices, lies, affairs and questionable contractual activities of the Forney City Council and its former city manager, therefore this letter is merely consistent with prior legal notifications.



The Forney City Council has called a Special Executive Session for Monday night at 6:30 pm.

It is expected that the Council will convene in the council chambers and then immediately retire to the upstairs council room to debate the appointment of an Interim City Manager, and to complete the employee evaluation of city attorney Jon Thatcher.

Mr. Grooms, I fear not of what “quorum can do”because it’s merely my job to tell the community what’s happening within their city hall.

Therefore come Monday night, like always I will be in my chair at the media table within City Hall, awaiting the decisions of the Forney City Council.


Letter to the Council Regarding Messenger Memorandum

Messenger Contract Being Considered by Council


Written by: Denise Bell 

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