Mayor Wilson Questions Grooms about His Developer Clientele

At their last meeting, the Forney City Council voted to re-appoint Darrell Grooms as one of the two Forney representatives on the North Texas Municipal Water District Board of Directors.

The position on the NTMWD Board recently became vacant after former council member Ray Stephens unexpectedly and immediately vacated the position approximately two weeks ago.

Both council member’s Cory McGee and David Johnson voiced concerns about the qualifications of any appointee to this board, specifically due to litigation currently underway between four NTMWD member cities; Plano, Mesquite, Garland and Richardson and the North Texas Municipal Water District.

City Secretary Dorothy Brooks announced that only one application had been submitted for appointment to the North Texas Municipal Water District Board and when asked she identified the applicant as former mayor, Darrell Grooms.

Council Member David Johnson said “I’d like to propose we go out and get some new names. The water district board is probably the most critical board appointment we make considering what’s going on in the district. I would like to see a more active role on our part with prospects and applicants. I’d like to actually visit with them and talk to them. I don’t know how that sits with the council but this is such a critical appointment it falls on us to screen them.”

Agreeing Council Member Cory McGee said “Mayor, I agree I’d like to see it go through a formal process and then we won’t end up with the only applicant we have. If we end up with only one, then it’s this one but we could end up with more applicants.”

Agreeing with McGee and Johnson, Mayor Rick Wilson said “So the suggestion is to at least have an interview process with the applicants, and to put it out for more applicants.”

Council Member Kevin Moon next asked about the qualifications for appointment to the NTMWD Board.

Moons' questions lead to the council debating if they should further discuss the legalities of the appointment within Executive Session.

When seconds later it became obvious that Penn, Myers, Moon and Powers had a pre-determined intent to re-appoint Darrell Grooms, Mayor Rick Wilson stated “Unless the applicant would like to step to the podium and be interviewed at this point.”

Accepting the circumstances, Darrell Grooms stepped to the podium and was interviewed by Mayor Rick Wilson and the Council for re-appointment to the NTMWD Board of Directors.

Check out the below video tapes of the Darrell Grooms interview, as well as videos available at


Written by: Denise Bell 



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