Forney Council Appoints Medford to Interim City Manager Position

Last night the Forney City Council met to debate the administrative future of city hall within a closed session that lasted a little over an hour, and then returned to appoint Assistant City Manager Wendle Medford to be the Interim City Manager

effective immediately and while a search firm is retained to hire a new city manager.

The voters of Forney should pay special attention to the audience members present for this meeting.

The officially posted agenda for this meeting list the discussion and therefore debate of only two items.

To consult with legal counsel in regard to the former City Manager’s Separation and Release Agreement, and to deliberate the “appointment, employment, evaluation, reassignment, duties, discipline or dismissal” of city attorney Jon Thatcher.

Only these two items were listed on the officially posted agenda therefore no other business or access to discuss business with this “Quorum” of Forney’s governing body, would be legally allowed.

Many readers will recognize Petro-Hunt VP Alan Bain seated in the audience just in front of political activists Samantha Keats, John Carr and High Point Water Supply manager Linda Stewart, who are the same individuals supportive of the political reemergence of former mayor Darrell Grooms.

The voting action of the City Council took approximately three minutes after they reconvened into Open Session.

The Council lead by the motion of Shaun Myers obligates the city to pay James Fisher an estimated $200,000.

The severance agreement will include salary, health and life insurance benefits for one year, and the council can either pay Fisher in one lump sum or in monthly installments.

Legally similar to the agreement reached with former city manager Brooks, the Fisher severance payment and agreement is public record therefore it will be provided to the readers of The Post as soon as it has been obtained.

The council voted to hire a firm to conduct a search for a new legitimately qualified city manager. It is estimated that the average salary range for a degreed, state certified city manager with an experienced resume’, is between $180,000 and $200,000 annually.

Therefore, the taxpayers are advised to extensively question any council member who justifies the Fisher severance package as inexpensive or “not a big deal”.


The council flat dropped the proposed 2018 Fiscal Year Operating Budget and fired Fisher. It is now their responsibility to make up for this $200,000 payment, while also providing a salary and benefits for the incoming City Manager.

The three very short video clips below will show the citizens of Forney that they are not at the mercy of any media outlet.

The past and future actions of this council is the responsibility of the less than 1,000 City of Forney voters who collectively elected these men and women, myself included.

View these tapes. And then ask yourself why any developer would drive all the way out to Forney to personally witness our council decide on who to appoint as Interim City Manager.


The next meeting of the Forney City Council will be September 19, 2017 at 6:30 pm within Forney City Hall.


Written by: Denise Bell





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