Forney Taxpayers Choke on $487,479 Politically Motivated Council Decision

Forney taxpayers may very well get out their pitchforks and protest signs after forcibly swallowing the price tag

attached to the politically motivated decision recently made by Council Member's Mary Penn, Shaun Myers, Robbie Powers and Kevin Moon.

On Tuesday night Forney Finance Director Deborah Woodham presented the council with the final figures for all cost associated with the unexpected and un-budgeted for termination of the City Manager, and the total cost comes to a staggering $487,479.00.

Council Member Mary Penn orchestrated the firing of Fisher because he spoke "condescendingly" to her; and on Tuesday night the financial repercussion of her hurt feelings was made disturbingly clear when it was explained that the city's operating budget has now been stripped to the point that “revenues exceed expenses” by only nineteen dollars ($19.00).

According to Director Woodham the overall cost of Fisher’s severance along with the hiring of a new city manager, will require a six month hiring freeze to be placed on several city departments which had already been approved for new personnel.

Director Woodham stated “We spoke with the department heads and they agreed to postpone their hiring for six months. One police officer, for their additional position, not anything that was already in this year’s budget. There were two Parks Maintenance Technicians, so one of those will be deferred for six months. A Building Service Worker, this is a new position and it will be deferred for six months.”

Director Woodham said “So with all that said and done we still have revenues exceeding expenses by nineteen dollars ($19.00). So, this is balanced. And it meets all our reporting requirements.”

The taxpayers of Forney are highly encouraged to review each of the below video tapes carefully.

Listen closely to the video titled “Council Keeps 200k in Cash Contingency Fund while Approving Six Month Hiring Freeze” to hear how Council Member Myers immediately checked on the $200,000 cash Contingency Fund, which was placed in the council’s department budget at Myers request.

Director Woodham confirms that the $200,000 was kept “in-tact” in the council’s department budget, and then offers a suggestion on how to make up the job positions that are being delayed for at least six months.

Council Member’s Cory McGee, Shaun Myers, Robbie Powers, Kevin Moon and David Johnson voted to approve the 2017-2018 Fiscal Year Operating Budget as presented by Director Woodham.

Mayor Rick Wilson was not in attendance at this meeting.


Written by: Denise Bell


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