Rep. Gooden Delivers Update on Issues Affecting Kaufman County

The Keynote Speaker at the September monthly luncheon of the Forney Chamber of Commerce was State Representative Lance Gooden, who delivered an informative speech on several pieces of legislation recently passed at the Texas Capital.

While casually introducing himself, Rep. Gooden said “I wanted to give you a quick background on some of the most important things I’ve been learning. But last October I got married, and my wife Alexia is here with me today, I’ve learned to say that first.

Alexia and I are coming up on our year anniversary and we have a baby due in February, so we’re nineteen weeks today and very excited about that.”

Providing an update on his latest session in the Texas House of Representatives, Gooden said “One of my main priorities this session was getting on the House Public Education Committee. I campaigned strongly against private school vouchers which was getting a big push. It always gets a seemingly big push against our traditional schools.”

Gooden said “There is a group of folks that want to pass private school vouchers and I campaigned against that. Ironically, that is in contradiction to one of the platforms of the state Republican Party so a lot of times you’ll hear, not from me, that ‘he doesn’t uphold the party platform of values’.

Explaining he said “And the answer to that response, is that it is absolutely not my priority. I’m a representative of the people, not the party. So my loyalty is to the people that voted for me, not the party, including the people in this room.”

Gooden said “In the House we did pass a school finance plan that did spend more money on public education. It wasn’t for as long a time period as I wanted but it provided a several years fix. Unfortunately, it didn’t pass in the Senate so we didn’t get quite what we wanted. We got a scaled down version of it.”


Rep. Gooden next reported that he was also appointed to the Legislature’s Insurance Committee.

While detailing his work on this committee Gooden said “The insurance committee was important to me. First because I have a background in insurance so I understand the lingo, and second because we’ve had a crisis in this state with our retired teachers insurance.”

He said “Their services and carriers become involved and it became an issue with the TRS Care, that’s what it’s called. That may not affect the folks in this room but if the TRS system collapses and every retired teachers in Kaufman County is without healthcare then you have true problems. Retired teachers make up a good portion of the state. Teachers carry a loud and important voice and so we couldn’t afford to have them go without the care or have such a reduction in income.”

Listen in on the video below to hear how Rep. Gooden is on board with the platform promoted by Texas Speaker of the House Joe Strauss, and about how he is currently working with Kaufman County Judge Bruce Wood and District Attorney Erleigh Wiley on legislation to approve the levee district laws which are currently affecting many of the homeowners of Kaufman County.

Written by: Denise Bell


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