Council Pays Corson Severance & Then Hires Her to Find Them a New City Manager

Because the residents of Forney are now being forced to watch history repeat itself, it’s worth explaining why their City Council has again hired

Strategic Government Resources (SGR) to provide them with both Interim City Manager Services and to conduct an employment search for a new city manager.

At their September 19, 2017 meeting the council voted to again retain the services and employment recommendations of Strategic Government Services (SGR) after using the firm to provide current city attorney Jon Thatcher, former Interim City Manager Charles Daniels and former City Manager James Fisher.

Some council members might prefer the public believe that the selection of SGR to conduct a search for a new city manager is a reasonable choice because the council has previously used the firm, however the truth is that former Assistant City Manager Leigh Corson is now employed as the Talent Research Manager for Strategic Government Resources (SGR).


Leigh Corson resigned after being employed with the City of Forney for eight years. Corson was initially hired as the City Finance Director; she was next made Human Resource Director and was finally promoted by former City Manager Brian Brooks to be the Assistant City Manager

Attached for its first publication is the Severance and Release Agreement drawn up by city attorney Jon Thatcher, and provided to Leigh Corson by former City Manager James Fisher in exchange for $41,246.82. 


Leigh Corson Separation Agreement and General Release

SGR Talent Research Manager Leigh Corson Company Bio


Four weeks ago, Council Member’s Mary Penn, Shaun Myers, Kevin Moon and Robbie Powers terminated James Fisher after he had managed City Hall for only one year.

Then the Council spent $213,928.00 tying Fisher to a confidentiality agreement that prohibits him from revealing what he discovered during his employment with the City of Forney.

Now, Penn and Powers have hired SGR, the employer of their former assistant city manager who less than one year ago they paid $41,246.82 to quietly resign.

A dog and pony show that is obviously out of control, the taxpayers of Forney may find interest in the fact that within the past two years their City Council has approved three Severance and Non-Disclosure Agreements with three employees, two of whom voluntarily resigned their positions.


Check out the below severance and non-disclosure agreements.

The City Council has spent $438,877.66 silencing two city managers and an assistant city manager in less than two years, and now they just rehired one of the individuals through a contractual agreement with her new employer. 

Wow, could the desperation of these elected officials get anymore transparent?

Brian Brooks City Manager (Jan. 2016) $183,702.84

Leigh Corson Assistant City Manager (Nov. 2016) $41,246.82

James Fisher City Manager (Sept. 2017) $213,928.00


Written by: Denise Bell


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