Mayor Wilson Details Annexation Plans at “Coffee with the Mayor” Meeting

Mayor Rick Wilson held his October “Coffee with the Mayor” breakfast meeting at Huddle House in Forney on Saturday morning,

and he spent considerable time providing information on the annexation plans currently being proposed by the City of Mesquite.

Mayor Wilson said “I’ve went to several meetings. There was one in Crandall and I’ve met with the Mayor of Mesquite, twice. Just from a practical stand point, them trying to put water, sewer and infrastructure all the way across the Trinity River valley, well it would be almost financially impossible.”

Detailing discussions between the City of Forney and the City of Mesquite, which transpired over the past year, Mayor Wilson said “So they were amenable to working with us because they saw a benefit. If we could work out the breakup of Markout, they would take the south side of I-20 and we would take the north side.”

Explaining he said “So we worked for about nine months with their engineer and staff. And they actually came back with a plan. I brought the plan today. It shows the boundaries of what they were going to give up and what we were going to give up. It’s give and take of course. We all just wanted to negotiate.”

Holding up a map of the annexation area, Wilson said “So Mesquite came back with a plan and they were basically giving us this piece right here. So as you can see they were very generous, and as a matter of fact, the email that was sent back from our city manager to theirs stated, “thank you for the very generous offer to trade land with us.”

He stated “So we took it to our city council and they had some questions. They were wondering why we were giving away this piece right here. That piece was already in a development agreement, that’s Vintage Meadows, which is basically already in a fresh water district so we couldn’t annex it in anyway.”


Mayor Wilson said “So Mesquite took it, after we agreed to it, with some debate. Some of the council didn’t want it to be honest but we agreed to it and moved forward with the plan. They then took it back to the Mesquite City Council. Now, this was their plan, not our plan. They brought us this plan, we told them we didn’t want as much as they were giving us, and then they turned around and said Forney’s asking for too much.”

Wilson said “The point is that we had been working very hard to get this accomplished. What really happened is, as most of you know the new council that we seated in May, the first action they took was to do away with the Markout water contract and negotiations. So that really just left Mesquite with no reason to come to the table. Remember what got us to the table to begin with was Markout so when they took that away, it basically left us with nothing to negotiate.”


Forney residents are encouraged to view the eight video clips that will be published of the October “Coffee with the Mayor”, to hear more details on how the Mesquite Annexation Plans will affect the Forney ISD, Forney's TxDOT controlled roadways and Forney's wholesale water sales to the residents of Markout.


Written by: Denise Bell




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