Forney City Council All Set to Again Waste Money with SGR

At their last meeting the Forney City Council voted unanimously to accept the professional recommendation of Strategic Government Resources (SGR) to hire Mike Alexander to serve as Interim City Manager, while the firm continues searching for Forney’s next city manager.

On October 3, 2017 the Forney Council first interviewed Mike Alexander in closed session, and then reconvened in open session to publicly vote to appoint him Interim City Manager through a negotiated agreement with Strategic Government Resources.

SGR is the employer of Forney’s former Assistant City Manager Leigh Corson, and is the same firm that provided the City Council with the services of former Interim City Manager Charles Daniels. 

Charles Daniels, photographed on the right, was hired immediately after the resignation of former City Manager Brian Brooks in February 2016.

Unlike now, when the Forney Council agreed to hire Charles Daniels, the city did not have a legitimate Assistant City Manager on staff.

The city’s longtime Assistant City Manager, Gina Nash, had quit in May 2015 almost immediately following the election of Mayor Rick Wilson.

And Brian Brooks chose not to hire a new Assistant City Manager, and to instead promote Director of Administrative Services Leigh Corson to the position.

As has been previously reported, Brian Brooks and Leigh Corson had a questionable personnel relationship and that upon resigning both employees received lucrative severance packages and signed non-disclosure agreements with the City of Forney.

It was Brian Brooks and Leigh Corson who first recommended Strategic Government Resources (SGR) to the council after the council decided to conduct an employment search to hire a staff attorney.

Then after Brooks resigned, it was Corson who recommended the council use SGR to provide the city with “Interim City Manager Services”, and subsequently the Council hired SGR employee Charles Daniels.

For six months a small fortune was spent with SGR on salary and benefits which were paid to temporary employee, Charles Daniels.

Daniels had an extensive resume’ however he was basically retired and was often absent from city hall which left the day-to-day operation of the city in the hands of Leigh Corson; an employee who Daniels knew was under council scrutiny for a variety of inappropriate and unprofessional behaviors.

Should the Forney Council sign a contract with Mike Alexander it will become public information, and The Post will provide the taxpayers a copy of the contract for review as soon as it has been obtained.

However, for now the taxpayers may use as reference of just how expensive the managerial services of SGR can be; the below City of Forney agreement with SGR for the Interim City Manager Services of Charles Daniels, along with copies of the payments made to SGR for his services.


Charles Daniels SGR Agreement

Charles Daniels Payments

"Forney Council Hires Interim City Manager"



The above photographs are of SGR recommended candidate, Mike Alexander, as he waited for his council interview on October 3, 2017.

Alexander was accompanied into the council interview by SGR Managing Director of Interim Services & Communications, Lori Philyaw. And because neither Alexander nor Philyaw returned to the council chamber after the interview, they neither one witnessed the Forney Council's appointment of Alexander as Interim City Manager. 

Because the Forney City Council is determined to repeat history, the below links will provide the voters of Forney ample information on Mike Alexander, as well as on Charles Daniels and former Assistant City Manager Leigh Corson, who is now employed as Talent Research Manager for Strategic Government Resources (SGR).

Palestine Herald-Press:

"Forney expects Alexander to start work on Monday; “He is our interim city manager,” Forney official says"

"City manager gone about 40% of the time"

"Palestine City Council Chooses Texas Firm to Head City Manager Search"

Mike Alexander Link-in Biography

Command Presence - company founded and currently operated by Mike Alexander

The Forney Post:

"Forney City Council Seeks Reputable City Manager"

"Attorney General Will Investigate Corson for Open Records Violations"

"Assistant City Manager Corson Refuses to Comply with Attorney General Ruling" and "Discovery of Ellicit Texting Actually Led to Brooks Resignation" (May 2,2015)

"Council Pays Corson Severance Pay & then Hires Her to Find Them a New City Manager"


Written by: Denise Bell

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