Forney Police Chief Receives Approval to Upgrade Protective Vests for Officers

On Tuesday night, Forney Police Chief Rob Sherwin received unanimous approval from the Forney City Council to “apply and accept a grant for the purchase of body armor that protects officers from rifle fire”.

Addressing the Council, Police Chief Sherwin said “As a result of the July 7, 2016 shooting the Texas legislature passed Senate Bill 12 which authorized $25 million to law enforcement agencies throughout the state to purchase rifle resistant body armor.”

Speaking about the body armor vests currently being worn by Forney officers, Chief Sherwin said “The City of Forney and the Forney Police Department purchased the center plate and rear plate for most of the officers last year, so this is in addition to that. This grant money is available so we’d like to go for it and see if we can get it.”

Holding up one of the body armor vest currently being used by Forney officers, Chief Sherwin said “I wanted to show you what this is, and show you an example of what type of body armor this is.”

Check out the below video to view Forney Police Chief Sherwin’s presentation at Tuesday evenings city council meeting.



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