Forney Fire Marshall Receives Council Approval on Fire Investigation Agreement

On Tuesday night Fire Marshall John Holcomb requested City Council approval on an inter-local agreement that would allow the Forney Fire Department to become a founding member of the Kaufman County Fire Marshal's Association.

Addressing the Council, Fire Marshall Holcomb stated “To give you a brief history on this, we’ve been talking about this for four or five years. Forming an association to help with fire investigations and fire inspections in the county, and it was kind of at a standstill until about six months ago when one of the fire marshal’s office's to the led on this.”

Explaining Holcomb said “In forming the association, our main purposed is to help out with fire investigations and fire inspections in Kaufman County, and in the counties surrounding Kaufman County. Currently we have the Forney Fire Marshal’s office, Crandall, Terrell, the City of Kaufman and the Kaufman County Fire Marshal’s office, Athens Fire Marshal’s, ATF, the State Fire Marshal’s, and last week the Rockwall Fire Marshal’s joined us.”

When asked by the Council who will fund the new association, Fire Marshal Holcomb said “Right now there will be dues that each member department pays and then once we get our non-profit set up we will go after grants.”

Holcomb explained “If you are part of the association and you pay your dues, we’re getting a trailer donated so that trailer and the members will respond to the scene and assist in investigations.”

Clarifying the request for the Council, City Attorney Jon Thatcher said “The council is not approving the formation of a non-profit; this is a resolution for an inter-local agreement to become a member of the association. There is no additional cost to the city, this is a mutual cost situation.”



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