Five Mesquite Council Member’s Remain Indifferent to Kaufman County Property Owners

On Monday evening dozens of Kaufman County property owners packed into Mesquite City Hall to again oppose the annexation plans currently being pursued by five of the seven elected members of the Mesquite City Council.

With an extensive council meeting ahead, the residents opposing the annexation were polite and respectful as the Mesquite Council first honored a large group of Veterans in recognition of the upcoming Veteran’s Day holiday.

Requesting to speak first about the latest reduced annexation plan, Council Member Tandy Boroughs stated “We’ve cut back during this process but I think we can do a little more. Personally, I’ve made it known to Council, but I’d like to do it one more time to see if we can get anymore of councils’ approval on this.”

Councilman Boroughs said “I’d like to see on map #1, the west side of Lawson Road taken off of the annexation from the Devil’s Bowl up to that last parcel that you’re talking about annexing. And then on map #2, from 2157 south to the Kelly Farm, the Orr’s and then all those properties along 2757.”


Boroughs said “I have a real problem with how to get our services out there; as far as our fire, ambulances and police. I’ve been told that we are going to build a fire station as soon as possible. But when is, as soon as possible? I know we have some developments that intend to go out there, and I know that we have an automated response with Forney and other fire departments out there.”

Explaining he said, “Which is great if those districts are in the house and not out on another call, and if our Fire Station No.7 is in our house, and not out on another call. I know how long it takes to get out there. I personally worked at that fire station for the last three years of my career, so I know how long it takes to get out there.”

Concluding his statement Boroughs stated, “So I just think that annexing those properties at this time, and giving them the services that we should give all the residents of Mesquite, if they’re annexed. The same services that we give the other citizens of Mesquite that live up here in the other part of the city and not in Kaufman County. And I don’t see how, at this time, that we can give services to them. So, I’d like to see those two sections changed from the way that it is drawn now.”

Agreeing with Council Member Boroughs, Mesquite Mayor Stan Pickett stated “Mr. Boroughs makes a good arguments here, and I’ve spoken to several of you out here. It’s not easy to sit up here during these processes and things along these lines. There are a lot of things we’ve looked at and are continuing to look at, this is by no means the final map.”


Mayor Pickett said “But we are adopting a Resolution tonight. We have had discussions. Mr. Boroughs brings up some very good points. And I would agree with Mr. Boroughs on these two parcels of land. I’ve talked with several of you and I’ve said from day one, that my feelings have been for large tracts of land that we can develop down the road because we’ve had a number of people contact us about providing services and wanting to be in the City of Mesquite.”

Pickett stated “I agree that is what this annexation should be about. Now, not everyone agrees with that. I’m not sitting here trying to change minds tonight. But Mr. Boroughs brings up a valid point, a substantial point, and I agree on those two sections as well.”

When the Mayor finished speaking, Councilman Tandy Boroughs made an official motion to have the two parcels of land in question removed from annexation, unfortunately the motion died for lack of a required second motion.

Place 5 Council Member Greg Noschese next made motion to approve the annexation map at it is currently drawn up, and his motion was immediately seconded by Council Member for Place 2, Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Casper.

Mayor Stan Pickett next called for the council to vote on the Resolution needed to approve the map as it is currently drawn, and to the crowd’s obvious displeasure the motion passed five votes (Miklos, Casper, Acher, Alman and Noschese) to two votes (Pickett and Boroughs).




During the course of these meetings, it has become crystal clear exactly which Mesquite Council Members are aggressively pursuing an annexation plan which seems to target several Kaufman County farms and properties.

The demeanor of Council Member’s Jeff Casper, Greg NosChese, Bruce Archer and Robert Miklos portray that these elected officials could have predetermined, politically motivated reasons for refusing to eliminate specific properties, such as the Kelly Farm, from the annexation plan.

The passive aggressive language used by Councilman Jeff Casper, as well as the body language of both Councilman Bruce Archer and Greg NosChese, make clear their indifference towards the plight of the families that would be affected by the annexation of Kaufman County properties into the City of Mesquite.

Visit The Forney Post on Facebook to view a variety of video clips from this meeting.


Written by: Denise Bell


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