Forney City Council Puts the Cart Before the Horse…Again

Last week the Forney City Council showed their ignorance by following the lead of City Council Member’s Shaun Myers and Mary Penn when they once again “put the cart before the horse” by voting to hire an Interim City Manager who has not been pre-screened through a background investigation.

Again refusing to be transparent about their actions, Council Member’s Shaun Myers and Mary Penn will not publicaly declare why Assistant City Manager Wendle Medford is not sufficient to serve in the position of Interim City Manager until a new City Manager is hired.

However, their decisions are becoming extremely costly for Forney taxpayers and thus far their score card looks like this:

1. Forney Council spends $487,479 on the unexpected termination of former City Manager James Fisher

2. Forney Council votes to appoint Assistant City Manager Wendle Medford the Interim City Manager

3. Forney Council votes to hire Mike Alexander to be the Interim City Manager

4. Forney Council finds out through media reports that Alexander is not eligible to accept the position because he is still contractually employed by the City of Palestine

5. And now, the Forney Council has voted 6-1 to hire SGR candidate Paul Stephens for the Interim City Manager position.


It does not take a rocket scientist to see that these council members do not care about the financial repercussions their decisions are having on the operational budget of the City of Forney.

And what’s worse, other than Mayor Rick Wilson, these government officials seem to have no issue with hiring candidates who have not been pre-screened through background investigation or drug screening.

All City of Forney employees undergo background investigations and drug screenings prior to being offered employment, however the Forney City Council seems to have no issue with by-passing these safe guards and offering the top, most important position at City Hall, to an unchecked applicant solely on the recommendation of Strategic Government Resources (SGR).

After the Council voted to hire Mike Alexander, both Council Member Kevin Moon and City Secretary Dorothy Brooks looked foolish after they provided media statements assuring the public that Mike Alexander had accepted the position.

(City moving forward with Alexander's $100,000 contract - The Palestine Herald)

Honestly speaking, Shaun Myers and Mary Penn have politically motivated reasons for not wanting Assistant City Manager Wendle Medford to operate as Interim City Manager; basically he will not “kiss up” to their foolishness nor will he participate in their political games.

Attached below for taxpayer review is the current City of Forney contract with Strategic Government Resources (SGR), as well as a list of all the articles published that have relevance to the hiring of a new City Manager.

And the taxpayers of Forney should not miss the signature page on the SGR contract; for it surely reveals just how this council is currently working together.


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Written by: Denise Bell 



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