Penn Proclaims the Council Needs to be Good Stewards of the Taxpayers Money

Apparently unable to remember the numerous times she has voted to waste taxpayer funds, at the last meeting of the Forney City Council, Council Member Mary Penn repeatedly claimed that the Council needs to be “good stewards” of the taxpayers’ money.

While discussing yet another managerial roadway design error, Council Member Mary Penn conveniently tried to blame several city employees for a project error that will now cost $115,000.00 to completely correct.

Capital Improvements Project Manager Candy McQuistion, Public Works Director Ron Sullivan and city contracted Engineer Richard Dormier were collectively called on the carpet by Penn for a design error made in the intersection of Bois d’Arc and Trinity Street.

Just like the “missing sidewalks” within the Trinity Street repair project that the Council ultimately chose not to correct, Council Member Mary Penn was as all set to blame this latest error on the city employees who are now in charge of completing this project.

However, willing to place the blame where it truly belongs, Council Member David Johnson explained that it was his recollection that the council had chosen to forego the additional drainage reconstruction as a means of “cutting corners”.

Explaining the design error, CIP Manager Candy McQuiston said “When the storm drain was laid to tie into the existing drainage structure at the intersection of Trinity Street and Bois d’ Arc it was discovered that there was an insufficient cover for the 18” concrete pipe that was proposed to tie into the open drainage structure.”

McQuistion said “Our consultant Pacheco Koch has prepared a redesign and change order to correct this issue. The redesign raises the pavement grade in the intersection to provide the proper clearance. We will also enclose the open drainage structure to eliminate the risk the current structure provides to pedestrian traffic at the intersection. The redesign will remove the existing headwall at the intersection that has been hit by trucks trying to turn the corner.”

Following McQuistion, Public Works Director Ron Sullivan stated “The scope of this project stopped at what would be the Eno’s parking or sidewalk, it did not extend into the intersection or into Elm Street”.


Having earlier in the meeting approved approximately $150,000 to hire an Interim City Manager, and spent money to increase the pay scale for all city employees; Council Member Mary Penn was unhappy to be informed that a Change Order for $115,000 was being requested to correct yet another roadway design error.

Finding no shame in publically admonishing three city employees, two of which were not even employed by the city at the time the original plans for this project were approved, hypocritically Penn stated “We need to be frugal with our citizen’s money”.

Longtime followers of the Forney City Council will recall the countless times former Mayor Darren Rozell and former City Manager Brian Brooks spoke rudely and condescendingly to Council Member Mary Penn during council meetings.

It was often embarrassing to watch as Penn’s intelligence was belittled by Rozell and Brooks, however now that she has the undying support of developer purchased Council Member Shaun Myers, it seems she has forgotten that respect is an earned commodity.





Written by: Denise Bell


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