Myers Intent on Sharing his Moral Influence with Forney’s Youth

If being Charlie means catching the wrath of half-baked politician’s like City Council Member’s Shaun Myers and Mary Penn, then The Forney Post will gladly go “all in” to explain an agenda item designed to influence the youth of our community.

Listed on the November 21, 2017 City Council agenda, placed there by Council Member’s Myers and Penn, is the creation of a Youth Advisory Council.

This is a first endeavor by the City Council to create a youth advisory committee that will bring issues before the Council that are designed to enhance the lifestyle of the young people living in Forney.

The concept of the City Council hearing directly from the youth of Forney is an issue that has been discussed many times, and over the years many youth organizations and athletic teams have come before the Council to discuss the needs of Forney’s young people.

The creation of a Youth Advisory Council is controversial only because the Forney City Charter prohibits anyone under 18 from serving in a city appointed position. However it is expected, that City Attorney Jon Thatcher will provide the Council with a legally acceptable exception to the Charter’s stipulation.



With elected officials, actors, business leaders and athletes being scrutinized across the world for morally inappropriate behavior, the citizens of Forney should know that Council Member Shaun Myers has a stated agenda to influence the youth of Forney.

With a long documented history of Internet harassment, as well as inappropriate Internet postings, professional Internet blogger Shaun Myers is now all set to use his political position to morally influence the young people of Forney.

Prior to being elected to the Council, Shaun Myers was banned from numerous websites and is known locally for countless profanity laced, racially offensive, sexually orientated postings.






Attempting to upgrade his public image, Myers now wears a shirt that say’s “Forney City Council Member”; rides in parades with young children and has a few new friends who are supporting his new “Christian values”.

Read the attached email from Council Member Myers to Assistant City Manager Wendle Medford in which Myers instructs Medford, “I’d like the youth that we appoint and any council member that wants to, to attend this summit (you guessed it I’d like to go).”

Electing Myers to “stick it to Wilson” is one thing; however remaining silent while Myers is promoted as a moral example to the youth of this community, well that’s a little too hyprocrital for The Forney Post to let slide.





Myers Emails Youth Advisory Committee


Written by: Denise Bell

"We are Charlie"




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