Forney City Council Spends $351K to Restructure Employee Salary Ranges

During their November 7, 2017 council meeting the Forney City Council listened intently to the results of an employment study which revealed that the city’s entire staff is paid considerably less than those in comparable positions in surrounding cities.

Having hired D.C. Municipal Consulting to conduct an extensive employment compensation study, the Forney Council was provided several presentations based on the findings of this study after which they unanimously voted to spend $351,000 to raise the annual salaries of all their employees.

A representative from D.C. Municipal Consulting, as well as Forney Police Chief Rob Sherwin and Assistant Fire Chief Phillip Pyle spent time explaining their respective plans to convert the step paying systems used to compensate police and fire department employees.

Ultimately, Assistant City Manager Wendle Medford explained that it would cost $351,000 to put the salary conversion plan into place, and that the conversion plan selected will annually increase police department pay by $140,000, fire department pay by $136,000 and all other general government employee's pay by $75,000.00

Recognizing that employee morale and retention are in need of improvement, with little discussion the City Council voted unanimously to approve the salary rate increases as requested.


Written by: Denise Bell 


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