Forney Council Approves Hiring of SGR Temporary City Secretary

Faced with no other legal option, on Tuesday night the Forney City Council voted unanimously to approve the hiring of another Strategic Government Resources employee to temporarily provide Interim City Secretary services.

Addressing the City Council on the situation Assistant City Manager Wendle Medford said “Dorothy informed us recently that she is taking off the take a trip to Tahiti.

But in all seriousness, Dorothy is going to be on medical leave starting the December 19th and be out until February 1st.

Explaining he stated “This is a real critical position so with her absence we will fill that. We could try to fill her position with Jon Thatcher and Kyle but it wouldn’t be as pretty or run as smooth. So what we are recommending is that we go our an acquire an Interim to fill in in her absence, and then what we can do long term is look into hiring a number two, or assistant city secretary so we can have a back-up when she is out.”

No member of the council had any questions about Assistant City Manager Medford’s request, and ultimately all council members voted their agreement to again hiring Strategic Government Recources (SGR) to supply them with an Interim City Secretary.

The taxpayers of Forney may review the attached “Agreement for Interim City Secretary Services By and Between Strategic Government Resources and the City of Forney” to review the cost associated with hiring an SGR Interim City Secretary.


Written by: Denise Bell

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