Forney Fire Department Awarded #1 ISO Rating

At the last meeting of the Forney City Council, the hard work and dedication of the Forney Fire Department was officially recognized by the State Fire Marshalls Office for achieving a #1 ISO rating.

Speaking briefly before turning the presentation over to ISO officials, Forney Fire Chief Rick Townsend said “I am very pleased to present Phillip Bradley and Mike McCormick who are representatives from ISO and Jessie Williams who is a representative from the State Fire Marshalls office. I’ll do very little talking tonight and instead let these gentlemen come up and explain what the award is for and how prestigious it is.”

ISO Mitigation Manager Philip Bradley explained “ISO is not a state agency and we’re not a regulatory authority. What we do is we use our Fire Suppression Rating Schedule to evaluate the fire defenses provided by a community. Then we rank those defenses on a scale of one to ten, with one being the best fire protection and ten recognizing no fire protection.”


Stepping forward to officially award to new ISO designation to the Council, Deputy Stat Fire Marshall Jesse Williams stated “I’m from the state and I’m here to approve your Class 1 rating that ISO has recommended for the City of Forney. As Mr. Bradley said, this is quite an honor for us to come out and do this, we really enjoy it.”

Fire Marshall Williams said “This is effective January 1, 2018. On behalf of the Commissioner of Insurance and the State Fire Marshall’s office I official approve your Class 1 rating and present you with this award for achieving your goal. This Award of Achievement is presented to the City of Forney in official recognition of outstanding dedication in providing exemplary fire protection to the community.”














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