Reflections of an Out of Control City Council

As the citizens of Forney welcome a new year, they have much to reflect upon regarding the many changes that have transpired within Forney’s City Hall in 2017.

During the May 2017 General Election, Forney voters reacted to the departure of longtime, highly trusted Council Member’s Ray Stephens and Scott Regan by supporting rookie politicians, Shaun Myers and Kevin Moon.

The residents of Forney also witnessed the second term, unchallenged re-election on Forney Mayor Rick Wilson, which was quickly followed by a series of very revealing “Breakfast with the Mayor” community meetings.

As Mayor Rick Wilson began revealing many of the longtime lies and half-truths that were supplied the community by former Mayor’s Darren Rozell and Darrell Grooms, the citizens of Forney watched in horror as the once respectable reputation of the Forney City Council took a mega hit.

For months, the community watched video footage of Council Member’s Shaun Myers, Kevin Moon, Mary Penn and Robbie Powers absolutely refusing to speak with the voters in regard to several unpopular council decisions.

Concerned residents packed several meetings in which Shaun Myers, Kevin Moon, Mary Penn and Robbie Powers simply refused to publically speak about their decision to support several unwanted housing and retail developments.



Determined to support any project promoted by former Mayor Darrell Grooms, within a few short months Quorum had been reversed and the Myers/Penn faction began attempting to reverse any previously voted upon council decision that wasn’t within the developer’s best interest.

Ultimately, the city’s operational budget was stripped to a point where it was balanced by only $19.00 over required expenditures; Darrell Grooms was reappointed to the North Texas Municipal Water District Board of Director’s and former council member James Hatley was appointed to the Parks and Recreation Board where he is now promoting yet another multi-million dollar taxpayer bond issue that will be used to build a second community park.

Since the developer purchased placement of Council Member Shaun Myers on the Forney City Council, the City Manager was terminated which cost $487,479.00., at least five new unwanted housing and retail developments have been approved and city hall is currently being managed by an Interim City Manager and a temporary City Secretary both of whom are paid through astronomically expensive negotiated contracts with Strategic Government Resources (SGR).

Because reflection can be an educational reminder of how our community arrived at where we are today, supplied below are the Top 17 Highest Read Articles published by The Forney Post in 2017.


1. Council Candidate Exhibits Questionable Ethics (3-1-17)

2. Girl Scout Troop #2887 Dedicates New Butterfly Garden to Forney’s Community Park (5-13-17)

3. Brooklyn Village: A Grooms Legacy (3-21-17)

4. KCRW Hold April Meeting at Kaufman County Courthouse (4-28-17)

5. Myers Developer Contributions Total More than $35,000 (8-28-17)

6. How Much Does It Cost to Buy a City Council Member? (6-14-17)

7. Indian Motorcycle Franchise Will Not Open in Forney after All (4-10-17)

8. Forney Voters Receive a Personal Message from Mayor Wilson (4-26-17)

9. Forney Council Approves Wynne-Jackson Development Agreement (4-8-17)

10. Forney ISD Excited to Hire Acclaimed Choral Music Director (12-14-17)

11. Forney Council Approves Apartment Development to Spite Homeowner Objections (9-21-17)

12. Forney Council Has Heated Discussion about Wynne Jackson Development (3-23-17)

13. The Implosion of Forney’s City Government is At-Hand (9-9-17)

14. Council Members Escorted from City Hall as Special Meeting Erupts (6-27-17)

15. City of Forney Stands to Lose 60% Water Income (6-26-17)

16. City of Forney Officially Opens Gateway Bridge & Fire Station No.2  (4-1-17)

17. Mayor Wilson & Council Members Stephens and Regan Endorse Candidates Ballard and Hanks  (4-23-17)


2017 Top 3 Most Watched Forney Post Video Clips





Written by: Denise Bell







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