P&Z Commission Unanimously Votes to Change Fencing Ordinance

On Thursday evening the Forney Planning and Zoning Commission voted unanimously to recommend that several changes be made to Article V of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance in order to strengthen residential fencing requirements throughout the city.

Although only four of the seven P&Z Commissioners were present at this meeting, a quorum was nonetheless established which allowed the Commission to discuss and subsequently approve several staff recommended changes to the city’s current residential fencing requirements.

Director of Development Peter Morgan explained “At a previous council meeting, Council Member Cory McGee requested the staff look into requiring metal post for all new fences. That is certainly something that has become more popular recently. I’ve seen a number of area cities witching to that requirement. But we also did a review of all our regulations for fences in residential areas so in this a draft ordinance and we want to go over it because we have a number of proposed changes.”

After extensively reviewing the current ordinance (41.3 Fences in Residential Areas) and highlighting each of the proposed changes, Director Morgan stated “The only changes are to 41.3 A. D. F. and K(a). The wording in D details the steel post requirement. And then the prohibiting of chain link fences in F, is new verbiage as well.”

The Forney Council is expected to review and subsequently vote upon the P&Z recommendation to change the city’s residential fencing requirements at an upcoming January meeting.


Written by: Denise Bell





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