Forney ISD Recognizes School Board Appreciation Month

On Monday evening in honor of School Board Appreciation Month, Forney ISD Superintendent Suzanne McWilliams expressed the districts appreciation to each of the members of the school board for their continued loyalty and dedication to the students and staff of the FISD.

Addressing the FISD Board of Trustees during their monthly meeting, Superintendent McWilliams said “As you may know, January is School Board Appreciation Month and this is the districts and the community’s opportunity to thank our local school board of trustees for their commitment in providing a local government for our schools.”

McWilliams stated “Everyone understands that school board members attend meetings but those hour represent just a fraction of the actual time that they devote to the district. In addition to spending hours reading and preparing for each meeting, they also attend extra-curricular events to support our schools and participate in professional development opportunities to learn how to be better board members and they are also involved in other events representing themselves, their community and their district.”

Concluding, Superintendent McWilliams said “So today we honor each and every one of these outstanding individuals for their dedication, support and fortitude to make Forney ISD the best school district that it can be.”


The dedicated members of the Forney ISD School Board include: President Keith Bell, Vice-President Greg Pharris, Secretary Mike White (who was absent from this meeting), Board Member Christopher Andrews, Board Member Barbara Jo Green, Board Member Chad Johnson and Board Member Scott Regan.

Following Superintendent McWilliams statement each member of the Board was individually called forward and given with gifts of appreciation which were presented by students representing each of the schools within Forney.



Written by: Denise Bell



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