Forney Council Seats 1, 3 & 5 Will Open to Election

The voters of Forney will soon have the opportunity to speak their minds and clean up their city council as three pivotal positions on the Forney City Council become available for election.

The Place 1, 3 and 5 council positions will open to election on May 5, 2018 giving the voters of Forney the opportunity to re-elect, or not, Council Member’s Cory McGee, Robbie Powers and Mary Penn.

Currently the Forney City Council Place 1 position is occupied by Council Member Cory McGee, who was first appointed to the council in December 2015 after the unexpected resignation of former Council Member Darrell Hobbs.

After fulfilling the final few months of Hobbs term, McGee sought election to his first full term in office unopposed, and will now seek his second term in office.


Long time Council Member Robbie Powers has occupied the Place 3 council position since May 2006; when she was first groomed for the position by former Mayor Darrell Grooms.

Powers historically holds the record as the council member who has been absent from the most meetings and or city sponsored events, and she has on more than one occasion been openly rude and unprofessional during public meetings.

A relative of controversial Dallas council member John Wiley Price, Robbie Powers is employed as a medical technician for Baylor, Scott & Whitehouse in downtown Dallas and other than her time on the council she has little or no business experience.

Should Powers seek re-election this will be her seventh two-year term in office. An advocate of any residential developer seeking to move to Forney, Powers has voted favorably for the following issues;

the development of Brooklyn Village, a 300 plus rental only housing development

the development of the Gateway Apartments and the development of a 272 unit apartment complex to be located just outside the entrance to Windmill Farms

the termination without explanation of the Markout Water Supply Maintenance Agreement

the termination without budgetary consideration of former city manager James Fisher

and the construction of a FM 548 turn lane in order to pacify the developer of Raising Canes Chicken Fingers which would require the overthrow of two different TxDOT traffic analysis’s


The Place 5 council seat is currently occupied by Council Member Mary Penn, who was first elected in 2010.

Mary Penn initially sought election in an effort to “clean up” city hall during the reign of former City Manager Brian Brooks. Thoroughly aware of the many illegal and unethical business practices that were transpiring within City Hall, only during her first two terms in office did Penn attempt to look after the taxpayer’s best interest.

By her third term in office, she had fallen in love with the popularity of being a council member and she chose to seek election to the Mayoral position in May 2015.

By her own admission, she was devastated by the loss of the mayor’s race and because she truly dislikes Mayor Rick Wilson, Penn chose to rekindle her allegiance to former mayor Darrell Grooms, who is now employed as a residential and commercial developer ‘consultant’.

A reformed drug user who was terminated from being a Kaufman County courts CASA advocate, Mary Penn has admitted that she often doesn’t even read the council packet in preparation for council meetings instead she simply listens to her advisors.

Now Mary Penn, along with Robbie Powers, Shaun Myers and Kevin Moon answer directly to former mayor Darrell Grooms. New council members Shaun Myers and Kevin Moon have been schooled on how to conduct council business according to Grooms wishes, and unfortunately the citizens of Forney do not benefit from the representation of these council members.

The City of Forney is currently involved in several lawsuits, city hall is being managed by a temporary city manager and a temporary city secretary which is costing a small fortune, the city’s water and sewer rates will be increased by approximately 40% in 2018 and at least six new residential housing developments have been approved without consideration for the wishes of the taxpayers.

On Friday and Saturday, January 26 and 27, 2018 the Forney City Council will travel to Frisco to hold a “Strategic Planning” retreat to discuss and debate the future of Forney, and unfortunately these are the individuals who will make the decisions that will affect the lives of those families living in Forney.

Undoubtedly costly, this meeting will be held at the Westin Stonebriar Hotel & Golf Club at 8 a.m. on Friday and 8 a.m. on Saturday. Although it has been announced as a public meeting, it is unlikely that the citizens of Forney will be informed on any futuristic direction taken at this retreat.

The qualifications to become a city council member are clearly minimal, and can be found within the Forney City Charter.

The last day to apply for a position on the ballot for City Council is January 31, 2018.

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