A Hot Four Candidate Race is On to Become Forney’s Next Justice of the Peace

Kaufman County Republican’s attended Thursday evenings Candidate’s Forum in mass to hear directly from the candidates seeking election in the quickly approaching March Primary.

Held at Kaufman High School, numerous recognizable Kaufman County Republicans attended this forum to hear the ideas and opinions of several brand new politicians.

Up first was County Clerk Incumbent Candidate Laura Hughes who was provided five minutes to introduce herself and discuss her seventeen years of elected service, after her opponent Holly “Chrys” Kile failed to attend the forum due to the illness of a family member.

Following Hughes to the podium were the two candidates seeking election for County Treasurer, and then the four candidates seeking election to the County Commissioner Precinct 4 position.

All the candidates were first allowed three minutes to introduce themselves before being asked several audience submitted questions, many of which had to do with county taxes, road repairs and economic development in underdeveloped areas of the county.


However, the big hot race on the horizon and the one sure to capture the attention of Forney voters will undoubtedly be the five opponent race to be the next Justice of the Peace for Precinct 2, which is located in Forney.

This is a Republican Primary election, and for the first time in many years a Democrat candidate, Shundra Lee, is on the ballot and preparing to challenge the Republican candidate for the JP Precinct 2 position.

Therefore, Kaufman County Republican voters are electing their representing candidate for the JP Precinct 2 chair.  And it's this Republican candidate who will challenge Lee for the position in the November statewide election.

The four Republican candidates seeking election to the JP Precinct 2 position are all residents of Forney, and they are all rookie politicians.

These candidates were each provided three minutes to introduces themselves and then they were each asked the same audience submitted question and given one minutes to reply.





While introducing herself, Candidate Amy Tarno said “I began my career as a paralegal at the Ashland Law Firm in 2001. I’ve had the opportunity to learn many areas of civil law over the last sixteen years. I attend legal education courses several times a year and I have real courtroom experience. I have prepared for, attended and sat second chair in hundreds of hearings and trials in my career as a paralegal.”

Next Candidate Ty Burnes elaborated on his police officer experience. Candidate Burnes said “I’m a police officer with the Terrell Police Department. I’ve been doing that for almost the last seventeen years, full time. For the last eight years I’ve been working in narcotics so I’ve been doing everything I can to put drug dealers in jail, hopefully in prison.”

Elaborating on why he chose to run to Justice of the Peace Precinct 2, candidate Matthew Scharmen said “I’m running for Justice of the Peace because I’ve been told that most of the people in my area have a problem they want me to take care of or at least help with. And that’s working with the children. JP’s work with truancy and juvenile crime and that’s pretty much why I’m running for election to Justice of the Peace. I’d like to use common sense to run this people’s court just like the other Justice’s in the county does.”

And last to introduce himself to the large crowd was JP Precinct 2 candidate Scott Whitaker. Detailing his career as a police officier and jailer, Whitaker said “I started my career in public service in East Texas at Red River County as a licensed jailer. From there I earned a Texas Peace Officer’s license and I currently hold a Master Peace Officers license and I’m currently working for the Dallas Police Department. I work at the Administration Office and what I do is prepare evidence for criminal and civil cases.”


Additional photographs and video clips of this candidates night forum will be published on The Forney Post at Facebook


Written by: Denise Bell




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