Forney Council Prepares to Live Stream Council Meetings

Although for years transparency has often been vague at City Hall, the Forney City Council will soon begin live stream broadcasting of their bi-monthly meetings via the city’s website.

The city has contracted Swagit Productions to provide video streaming of all council meetings, therefore in preparation for this new and exciting change; city staff has purchased

new chairs for the council members and staff, a new podium for speakers addressing the council and a new media table.

Finally providing the voters a means of witnessing the subtle nuances of political one up-man ship that frequently occur during council meetings, this new ability to “real-time” watch the Forney Council deliberate the business of the taxpayer could change the perspectives of some voters.

In a recent press release, contracted Interim City Manager Paul Stevens stated “I think this is a great opportunity that will allow all residents to see how local government operates.”

The first meeting to be live streamed will be the 6:30 p.m. March 6, 2018 City Council Meeting.



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