Forney Council Spends Big Bucks Contracting for Interim City Manager Services

City of Forney Finance Director Deborah Wortham recently provided the Council with a quarterly update on the 2018 Operational Budget.

And those taxpayers monitoring the changes that have transpired in the City Manager’s Department will not be shocked to discover that the city’s budget is being stretched considerably by the termination of the former city manager, as well as by the ongoing employment of a contracted Interim City Manager.

In September 2017, a very politically motivated decision to terminate the city manager resulted in the city paying $487,479.00 in severance pay to former City Manager James Fisher.

Because Council Member’s Mary Penn and Shaun Myers did not want to place Assistant City Manager Wendle Medford in the Interim City Manager position, the City Council voted 6-1 to enter into a contract with Strategic Government Resources (SGR) to obtain City Manager Services.

Talking only “percentages and adjustments”, Finance Director Wortham expertly glossed over the actual cost associated with the employment of her immediate supervisor, Interim City Manager Paul Stevens, thus making it necessary for The Post to share with the taxpayers the SGR contract for Stevens’ employment.

Incredibly SGR is charging the City of Forney $104.95 per hour for Interim City Manager Services, and according to the contract attached below the city is also required to pay for Stevens’ mileage, meals and temporary housing for the duration of his contracted employment.

The contract between the City of Forney and Strategic Government Resources (SGR) was signed on September 21, 2017 by Assistant City Manager Wendle Medford in lieu of Mayor Rick Wilson.

Any taxpayer with a pocket calculator can easily determine that ‘big bucks’ are continuing to be allocated for the political indulgence of Council Member’s Mary Penn and Shaun Myers.


City of Forney Contract with Strategic Government Resources for Interim City Manager Services


Written by: Denise Bell

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