Forney Council Finally Approves a Written Purchasing Policy

After years of covert spending and awarding contracts that didn’t adhere to fair bidding practices, the Forney City Council has finally taken a giant step towards self-regulation

by approving a written Purchasing Policy, which will eventually be administered by a newly hired Purchasing Agent.

On Tuesday evening the Forney Council listened intently as both Finance Director Deborah Wortham and Interim City Manager Wendle Medford detailed the new Purchasing Policy, its reporting procedures, restrictions and levels of spending authority.

Finance Director Wortham stated “The City of Forney currently does not have a written purchasing policy. A written policy would ensure that all city departments and functions receive maximum benefit from the expenditure of city funds. And this proposed policy is a compilation of applicable state laws, administrative regulations and good business practices for the purchasing process.”

Wortham said “It was also written with adding a Purchasing Agent sometime in the future so you will see reference to that in here. Some of the basic things are; we set guidelines for Petty Cash, which has kind of been all over the place, now it’s a twenty dollar limit. Purchase requisitions will be required for any purchase over $3,000, which will require three quotes. Just a lot of different things, trying to nail down our policy and put it into writing.”

Forney taxpayers interested in reviewing the entire presentation made by Director Wortham are invited to visit the City of Forney website.



Written by: Denise Bell

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