Medford Provides Update on Redbud Reconstruction Project

On Tuesday night Forney’s Interim City Manager Wendle Medford provided the council with an update on the progress being made on the reconstruction of Redbud Street.

Addressing the council Medford said “At the intersection of Heritage Hill and Redbud we still have a hundred feet to finish, or more to install the new pipe. At this time the tentative completion date is at the end of April.”

When questioned on if the Redbud Road Reconstruction Project would immediately move forward upon the completion of the pipe line repairs, Capital Improvements Projects Manager Candy McQuiston stated “the tentative plan is to bring it to council to go out for construction bids in May and then start advertising.”

Explaining McQuiston said “At that point we will be working on the cost estimates and then we can have conversations to see where we are. Because our last cost estimate on this was back in June or July, so it’s been awhile since we looked at the numbers.”


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