Again Folding to Legal Threats Forney Council Votes 3-2 to Approve Trinity Crossing

On Tuesday night the Forney City Council once again folded to legal threats made by an uncompromising land developer when they ultimately voted 3-2 to approve the Trinity Crossing residential development being built on FM 460 (Clements Road).

A 315 residential lot sub-division that is located just across FM 460 from the city limits of Forney, hundreds of Forney residents along with several council members had voiced considerable objections to the Preliminary Plat proposed by the Municipal Utility District (MUD) sub-division.

However on Tuesday night after a lengthy Executive Session in which the council discussed the possible legal ramifications of denying this developer site plan approval, the council reconvened in Open Session to publicly vote on the matter.

Just before Mayor Rick Wilson called for a vote, a clearly angry Council Member David Johnson addressed the quality proposed for the Trinity Crossing residential development.

Council Member Johnson said “I’d like to make a brief comment. I can’t say anything good about this development so that’s my comment. That’s the nice way to say it. The only other way to describe it is to say, I think it’s a piece of crap”.


Agreeing with Councilman Johnson, both Mayor Rick Wilson and Council Member Cory McGee were openly against the passage of the Trinity Meadows site plans, most specifically because of the additional traffic that is sure to result on FM 460.


Trying to soft-pedal his consistent pro-developer stance, Council Member Shaun Meyers said “Although we are clearly not fond of the development, I make a motion to pass Action Item #4.”

Council Member Robbie Powers immediately provided the needed second motion, which was followed by Mayor Wilson calling for a vote of those council members present.

Mayor Wilson and Council Member Cory McGee would not sanction this development therefore both Wilson and McGee voted “no” to approval of Trinity Crossings.

Council Member’s Shaun Myers, Robbie Powers and David Johnson voted “yes” to approval of the sub-division plans, and both Council Member’s Kevin Moon and Mary Penn were absent from this meeting.


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Written by: Denise Bell



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