Forney Council Approves Speed Limit Changes along FM 548 Corridor

Last week Forney Police Chief Rob Sherwin requested council approval to change the current speed limits on north and south FM 548 in response to the most recent Texas Department of Public Safety speed zone study of the busy thoroughfare.

Addressing the City Council, Chief Sherwin explained “The Texas Department of Public Safety does continuous studies throughout their network. FM 548 runs through the city so they consistently look at its traffic and speed."

He said “They notified us on March 5th that they had completed a Speed Zone Study on FM 548 and they had six zones that they looked at from the southern city limits all the way up to the north end of the road. They recommended changes to all those speeds, and they are asking the city council to adopt an ordinance to change the speed limits based on their recommendations.”

Describing the speed limit zones on FM 548 north of US Hwy 80, Chief Sherwin explained that the current FM 548 speed limit from Reeder Road to Don T. Cates Blvd will be increased to 55 mph, and then the speed limit from Don T. Cates Blvd. to Kroger Drive will decrease to 45 mph, and then reduce again to 40 mph from Kroger Blvd to US Highway 80.


Speeds limits will also change slightly on south FM 548 between Cool Springs and Sycamore Trail as traffic approaches the entrances of the Fox Hollow residential development.

After a brief conversation about the TxDPS study results, the Forney Council unanimously voted to approve the new Speed Limit Ordinance.



Written by: Denise Bell


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