Unfazed by Taxpayer Concern Council Prepares to Give Leon Capital $800,000

On Tuesday night the City of Forney slipped just a little further down the rabbit hole when former mayor Darrell Grooms joined the designated media table during the City Council meeting.

Grooms is the new owner of the official newspaper of the city, The Forney Messenger, which has for years reported on and represented the city in a positive manner. However, he is the also the hired Consultant for the Leon Capital Group, a property developer who is currently requesting the city reimburse them $800,000.

The Post has reported on the activities of former mayor Darrell Grooms hundreds of times, both while he was mayor and since he left office in 2009 to become an independent municipal consultant for a number of developers who currently do business with the City of Forney.

Thousands of Post readers will also recognize Darrell Grooms as “the Big Dog” referred to within the below video.

Clearly on mark, the video reveals to Forney taxpayers that the Leon Capital Group has requested approximately $800,000 in reimbursement fees for money the developer claims to have spent getting TxDOT's approval to construct a left turn-in lane on FM 548 near the railroad tracks.




Obviously unable to hear the taxpayer’s outcry to stop the ridiculous spending, on Tuesday night the council spent nearly ninety minutes in closed session discussing how to legally go about paying Leon Capital the $800,000 the developer is claiming is due them.

Upon reconvening into public session, Council Member Mary Penn made motion to authorize Interim City Manager Wendle Medford and City Attorney Jon Thatcher to negotiate a Chapter 380 Economic Development Agreement with Leon Capital Group LLC.

Apparently unconcerned that they are also $44,248,226.98 in debt on the Gateway Project, these elected officials once again are blatantly appeasing a developer who is represented by their friend and mentor, Darrell Grooms.

Council Members Mary Penn, Shaun Myers, Robbie Powers, Kevin Moon, Cory McGee and David Johnson didn’t bat an eye at authorizing the negotiation of a Economic Development agreement that will allow them to pay the Leon Capital Group, inclusive of the commission of consultant Darrell Grooms, an estimated $800,000 in taxpayer money.

Only Mayor Rick Wilson voted NO to authorizing the negotiation of any type of economic development agreement with Leon Capital Group, LLC.



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Written by: Denise Bell

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