Candidates Gooden & Bell Win in Landslide Victories

On Tuesday the voters of Kaufman County turned out in mass to ensure that Texas House Representative Lance Gooden was elected to be the next District 5, US House Representative.

And to further guarantee that Forney’s longtime school board president Keith Bell replaced Gooden as the Texas House Representative for District 4.

Both Republican candidates’, not affiliated with the Kaufman County Tea Party, Candidate’s Gooden and Bell won their respective run-off races in landslide victories.

Campaigning to replace retiring US House Rep. Jeb Hensarling, Candidate Lance Gooden received 22,312 (53.67%) votes while his opponent Bunni Pounds received only 19,257 (46.32%) votes.

Endorsed by the Kaufman County Tea Party, candidate Bunni Pounds also had the endorsement of several political insiders including Congressman Jeb Hensarling, Vice-president Mike Pence and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. However, she was consistently criticized for conducting a negative campaign which included a bombardment of negative postcards, internet and television advertisements which denounced the character of her opponent.

Gooden also conducted a large scale campaign which regularly refuted Pounds claims; however he consistently focused on addressing the voters of Kaufman County about their need for representation in Washington.

Ultimately the voters elected Terrell native Lance Gooden to be their US House Representative in Washington, DC by a margin of more than 53%.



Longtime Forney ISD school board President Keith Bell also achieved a landslide victory over his opponent Tea Party candidate Dr. Stuart Spitzer.

The owner of Intex Electric in Forney and a member of the First Baptist Church in Forney, the Forney Chamber of Commerce and the Forney Lion’s Club; candidate Bell was the Forney favorite to replace Rep. Lance Gooden as the Texas House Representative for District 4.

Candidate Keith Bell received a total of 7,892 votes (58.89%) over Candidate Dr. Stuart Spitzer who received 5,508 votes (41.10%).



The voters of Kaufman County also chose to elect former City of Terrell Mayor Hal Richards to be the next top Judge of Kaufman County.

A longtime resident of Kaufman County, Candidate Hal Richards won the run-off election for County Judge by receiving 3,931 (54.14%) votes over the 3,330 (45.86 %) voted received by Kaufman County Tea Party endorsed Candidate Jakie Allen.



And lastly, both first-time candidates Amy Tarno and Scott Whitaker conducted honorable, no mud-slinging campaigns; however the voters ultimately elected Candidate Amy Tarno to be the next Justice of the Peace for Precinct 2.

Replacing retiring Judge Patricia Ashcroft, Candidate Amy Tarno received 1,057 (52.64%) votes to win the run-off election against her opponent Scott Whitaker, who received 951 (47.36%) votes.








Written by: Denise Bell

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