Hunt Developer Declines to Speak with P&Z Commissioner’s Regarding Gateway Plans

On Thursday night after consulting with Forney City Attorney Jon Thatcher and Interim City Manager Wendle Medford, Petro-Hunt Vice-President Alan Bain declined to publicly speak with the Planning & Zoning Commission regarding the development plans for the Gateway project.

During the May Planning and Zoning meeting the P&Z Commission agreed to postpone voting on an amendment that would allow Petro-Hunt land developers to “cluster” an unlimited amount of multi-family dwellings on the north side of US Highway 80.

At the May meeting several P&Z Commissioners stated that they would not approve the developer requested verbiage change to the Gateway (Meadow Ridge) development agreement.

After which, Commissioner John Carr pleaded for the Commission to invite Hunt VP Alan Bain to attend the June P&Z meeting in order to answer several questions regarding the construction of more apartments.

On Thursday evening the June P&Z meeting was scheduled to begin at 6:30 pm and although Commissioner’s Kyle Brothers and Justin Bowen were not in attendance, Petro-Hunt Vice-President Alan Bain did attend the meeting where he was initially seated within the audience.




As the above photographs depict; just before the meeting began City Attorney Jon Thatcher and Interim City Manager Wendle Medford invited Hunt representatives to join them in the adjacent hallway for a private discussion.

A few minutes later Alan Bain briefly entered the room to collect his belongings before immediately leaving the building.

Addressing the P&Z Commission, Director of Planning & Development Peter Morgan stated “The amendment to the Meadow Ridge development agreement has been withdrawn. They were not prepared to discuss the details as they were currently presented. They’d like to reconsider those details and then come back at a future date.”

As P&Z Chairman Bringham Wilcoxson began to adjourn the meeting, Commissioner John Carr interrupted to address the situation.


Listen to the first video clip to hear Commissioner Carr’s suggestion on how to correct the wording on the development agreement in order to prevent “a solid wall of apartments” from being constructed within the Gateway project, and then listen to the second video clip to hear the response Carr’s suggestion ignites from City Attorney Jon Thatcher.


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Written by: Denise Bell



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