Forney Council Leaves EDC Board Intact While Removing Two P&Z Commissioner’s

On Tuesday night the Forney City Council voted to replace two individuals seated on the Forney Planning and Zoning Commission

while keeping the entire Economic Development Board of Directors intact.

The council meeting was conducted by Council Member Mary Penn because Mayor Rick Wilson was unable to attend the meeting due to a death in his family.

The Council voted unanimously to reappoint EDC Board President Joe Dan McBeth and longtime Board Member’s Jessica Browning, DeCarlo Coleman and Scott Burris to the EDC Board of Directors.

Council Member’s Mary Penn, Robbie Powers, Shaun Myers, Kevin Moon and David Johnson had absolutely nothing the say regarding this board’s unapproved sale of the 212 S. Bois d’Arc building to Joe Dan McBeth.

Experts in shady dealings Council Member’s Robbie Powers, Mary Penn, Shaun Myers, Kevin Moon and David Johnson are apparently only interested in appointing EDC Board Members who are willing to fall in line and obey their development directions.


Generally an embarrassment in his lack of professionalism, Council Member Shaun Myers was so excited to nominate Misty Holler to the Planning & Zoning Commission that he jumped the gun and made his motion to nominate her while the council was still working on appointments for another board.


When the time finally arrived, Myers indeed nominated Misty Holler and Mike Thomas to appointments on the Planning & Zoning Commission. Council Member Robbie Power nominated Brigham Wilcoxsen to continue as the P&Z Chairman, and Council Member David Johnson made motion to retain Steven Cunningham on the Commission.

As previously reported Misty Holler is the wife of former Council Member David Holler, who is currently appointed to the city’s Gateway project, TIF Board of Directors.

As a Council Member in 2008, David Holler along with Robbie Powers negotiated the Gateway TIF Agreement.

Therefore many residents find it to be both unethical and a conflict of interest for David Holler to now occupy an appointed seat on the Gateway - TIF Board of Directors, while his wife occupies an appointed seat on the P&Z Commission which is charged with making site plan and zoning decisions that often affect the plans of aggressive land developers.

These council members couldn’t care less how unethical their actions appear. Misty Holler is a stay at home mom to five young children, and is the grand-daughter of the late Don T. Cates. She is from one of Forney’s oldest families and with a quiet unassuming personality, she is very likely to simply follow the instructions of her good friend Robbie Powers.

Because the City of Forney is $44, 248,226.98 in debt to Petro-Hunt developers, and because it will soon be announced how tax dollars will be procured to pay this debt, these council members have clear intent on doing whatever they must to cover up all the original negotiations surrounding the Gateway Tax Increment Finance Agreement.

In an attempt to “smooth things over with the Hunts”, Council Member’s Myers, Powers, Penn and Moon collectively decided to remove the two members of the P&Z Commission, Ann Lemons and Justin Bowen, who have been the most vocal about the Hunt’s plan to “cluster” multi-family dwellings on the north side of US Highway 80.


Seen in the below video, Forney’s “BBQ Man” Mike Thomas was thrilled to receive a nod of appointment onto the P&Z Commission from his good friend Councilman Shaun Myers.

And although he was extremely rude by loudly declaring during the meeting that “she (The Post) can take all the pictures of me she wants. She’s just a big fat bully”; he should know by now that nothing he says will prevent The Post from providing Forney’s taxpayers with documented proof of the financial issues facing this community.

The big fat truth is that Mike Thomas has made thousands of dollars from catering jobs provided his restaurant by the members of the Forney City Council and city staffers.

Thomas is well aware that for years The Post has regularly received copies of city records which include dozens of invoices and checks that prove that at one time, he was earning approximately $500.00 per month on catering Council and EDC Board meetings.

Angry that The Post is continuing to expose the frivolous spending of the Forney City Council, Thomas chose to sit very near me at this meeting and along with his sidekicks High Point Water Supply Manager Linda Stewart and political activist Samantha Keats, tried repeatedly to incite a response from me as I filmed the council at work.

At one point during the City Manager’s Report, Thomas even raised his hand and very rudely blurted out his suggestion on how the council should schedule their meeting dates.

Lacking manners and totally uneducated on Robert’s Rules of Order, perhaps Forney’s “BBQ Man” Mike Thomas will bring the same style of inept business sense to the P&Z Commission that Shaun Myers is currently bringing to the Forney City Council.





Written by: Denise Bell

A Forney Post Editorial

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