FEDC Spends Over $151,000 on Gas Line Relocation in Order to Sell Property to Petro-Hunt Developers

At their meeting last week the Forney City Council voted unanimously to approve the Forney Economic Development Board of Directors request to spend $151,750.07 to relocate an Atmos gas line located on property the EDC intends to sell Gateway developers.

With the entire Gateway Project under scrutiny because Petro-Hunt land developers claim the City of Forney owes them $44,248,226.98 for infrastructure improvements on a project that will never produce any retail establishments, the Forney EDC Board of Directors and the City Council are proceeding as if the taxpayers of Forney have limitless funds.

Addressing the City Council, which was absent of Mayor Rick Wilson and Council Member Cory McGee, Forney EDC Director Warren Ketteman stated “The line has not been moved yet, but we do have the easements in place. The property has been surveyed. In mid-July Atmos will have a crew out there and in the meantime they have narrowed down the cost of moving that line.”

Director Ketteman said “Originally they had talked to us about the cost being around $300,000. Which I didn’t particularly care for but when they came back they’d cut it to about half, so it's $151,750.07. The EDC Board recently met and approved that based upon your support and approval of the same.”

Explaining Ketteman said “The issue is that it's a main feed gas line, from Reeder Road to Don T. Cates, so it just can’t go away it has to stay somewhere. So that’s the best we can do is put it on the edge of our property to get it out of the way so that the rest of the property can be usable.”

Listen to the excuses this Council makes to spend another $151,750.07 to move a gas line on a piece of city owned property, that they intend on “selling” to Petro-Hunt developers at market value.


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Written by: Denise Bell



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