Forney Tire Shop Owners Disagree on New Tire Disposal Ordinance

In an effort to beautify Forney, the City Council recently amended the City’s Code of Ordinances in order to improve the visible storage and removal of scrap tires.

The council first heard from city attorney Jon Thatcher regarding the necessity of amending the tire storage ordinance, then sat patiently as they were provided two very differing opinions by two tire shop owners.

First to address the Council was longtime Forney resident Grandy Stewart, the owner of Stewart’s Automotive located near downtown, who openly and honestly spoke about how the new ordinance would affect his business.

Stewart said “Getting rid of scrap tires is not like having a dumpster. There are very few people picking them up, so you’ve got to wait. It’s not like we have a dumpster to put them in and they come by once a week.”

He said “So I was reading this and one of the things in here say’s ‘scrap tires shall be locked, secured or contained in an orderly and contained manner that protects the tires from theft. Now I don’t think there is anybody in here that would steal scrap tires. If they do that’s not saying much, so I guess I could run a chain through them so that no one could steal them.”

Clearly irritated Stewart said “I mean what do you want me to do with them? You’ve got to wait to have them hauled off. I’m waiting now. He’ll come by about once a month but he’s picking them up from all over the place. Scrap tires kept in doors are a fire hazard. If you ever caught one of these buildings on fire, with tires in it, you’d just have to let it burn out.”

Following Stewart to the podium was Christopher Chavez and Tony Hernandez from Main Street Tire, which is located on the corner of Broad Street and South Bois d’Arc near the entrance to downtown Forney.

Chavez said “We got the ordinance and everything. It does take a while for them to come but the big factor here is that we have to pay more to throw them away. It’s very cost effective to throw them away, three or four dollars a tire depending on the size. So just this afternoon we paid over $700.00 to have 300 tires thrown away.”

Explaining his position, Chavez said “So we just wanted you to know we’re doing everything we can. Here at Main Street we’re keeping our tires in. There is no water in the tires because they’re all on racks. They’re all clean and organized and being thrown away legally. Some people just don’t want to do it. Some people don’t want to let go of $700.00 to throw away junk tires. They see it as junk but everywhere you go, there is a Tire Disposal Fee that gets passed down to the customer.”

Council Member Kevin Moon made the official motion “to approve Action Item #3 with consideration of waving the licensing fee amount for the first year to existing Forney businesses.” The motion passed unanimously after a second motion was received by Council Member Shaun Myers.




Written by: Denise Bell

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