Forney Council Schedules 2nd Reading in Preparation of Paying Leon Capital $800,000

The taxpayers of Forney who are following the irresponsible spending of the Forney City Council should take a good look at the official agenda for tomorrow night’s council meeting.

Legally preparing to pay Leon Capital LLC $800,000, “Action Item # 3 states “Discuss and consider a Resolution authorizing a project for economic development of an area located at the southeast intersection of Highway 80 and FM 548 and FM 1641 (2nd Reading)”.

To be clear this is the property Leon Capital Group bought from the Forney Economic Development Corporation several years ago, and is the property where the Leon Capital Group intends on building a Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers.

After long months of arguments over this developers desire to construct a left turn in lane on FM 548, the Leon Capital Group ultimately received TxDOT permission to construct a left turn in entrance.

Subsequently, upon the advice of their project consultant, Darrell Grooms, the Leon Capital Group turned around and invoiced the taxpayers of Forney $800,000 as reimbursement for their ongoing efforts to build a Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers location on this property.

As usual Council Member’s Shaun Myers, Robbie Powers, Mary Penn and Kevin Moon are fully prepared to spend EDC collected tax dollars to appease Darrell Grooms and the Leon Capital Group.

Therefore they have turned to City Attorney Jon Thatcher to provide them a legal avenue with which to pay this developer the “fees” they seeks.

City Attorney Thatcher has advised the EDC Board of Directors to declare that the property owned by Leon Capital is part of a “EDC project area”.

The area being declared a “project area for Economic Development” will also include the property located at the intersection of FM 548 and FM 1641 where the Racetrax gas station and convenience store is proposed to be built.

This will be the second legally required reading of the EDC’s intention to make this property part of a “EDC project area”, therefore it is expected that the Forney EDC Board of Directors will soon make motion to pay Leon Capital LLC the $800,000 they have requested.


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